Wasteful Sharing and Productive Sharing

As you may know, sharing is one of the most important things you can do to gain exposure, build a following, show you’re engaged in the Poshmark community and of course ~ make sales.

But the game has changed on Poshmark. It’s no longer about how much you share your items to your followers, it’s about how many different people you can get to share your items to their followers.

The reason for this is because Poshmark has quietly implemented sharing algorithms. As a result, not all your shares go to all your followers:
• Only your first 3 shares per day go to your followers, after that your shares are ignored
• When you share multiple items in a short amount of time, they get grouped together in the feed and only one item is seen by followers
• Your shares only go to people who wear that size
• Your shares only go to people who said they like that brand
• Items that have a lot of “love” (likes and comments) have a slightly better chance of being passed to followers

Here is important information you need to know to ensure sharing is done effectively and to also ensure it will work to your advantage….

1) Share Groups
If you are currently in a share group, leave it immediately. Share groups are not helping your sales, they are a huge waste of your time. When the same old members of a share group share your items to the same old people, the Poshmark algorithms will start ignoring those shares.

2) Do not share your competitors closets. That is self-explanatory. Any closet that has items of size “various” are retailers, and thus your competition.

3) Party Sharing
When sharing from parties to your followers you should always share from the “First Look” section of the parties. The “First Look” section shows items that have never been shared to a party before. These new listings are often being listed by new closets. By sharing these listings you are more likely to receive return shares from these active users. This also means having different active Poshers sharing your listings to their followers. This increases the chances that your items will be seen by more people.

4) Follow and share the right people
You might think it is best to follow and share large closets that have many followers and have made many shares. But my testing has found that does no good. Yes those closets might return share, but the Poshers following them are no longer active.
You might think it is best to follow new Poshers. But new Poshers don’t always mean active buyers.
You might think it is best to share new closets (new Poshers who have added a few items to their closet). But those Poshers might be sellers, not buyers.
The most productive thing to do is find Poshers who are active buyers. They are easy to find. Go to any item in your closet that has many likes and follow and share everyone who liked that item. At the least, most of those people will return share your items to their followers.
And finally, to steal customers from your competitors, go into your competitors closets and find items similar to yours and then look at the Poshers who did a like on that item. Follow each Posher and share a few of their items. Many of them will come back and follow you and share your items to their followers. Some will buy from you.
And the best way to steal customers from your competitors is to go to your competitor’s closet on the mobile app and press the “About” button and view their “Love Notes”. Go to every closet that left a Love Note and follow them and share their items. That is high-value. Those people recently purchased and they left a 5 star rating.

5) Keep rotating your closet
Poshers will share from the first couple rows of your closet. Keep rotating your closet to prevent the same old items getting shared over and over again, which will eventually cause the Poshmark sharing algorithms to ignore the shares.
Rotate your closet so that return shares from Poshers are of different items all the time, to give your entire closet more exposure.

6) Share using your PC. It is much faster than sharing on your iPhone. Sharing on your iPhone is a huge waste of time.

7) Share to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Especially Pinterest; that brings in the most traffic from social media.

And a little more additional information you need to know…

• Selling on Poshmark has become increasingly competitive. There are more sellers every day.

• Poshmark is starting to level the playing field. They are helping smaller closets sell and helping the buyers buy. Poshmark benefits most by getting as many closets as possible to sell at least a few items to as many buyers as possible.

• Poshmark is now showing your competitors items under your sold listings. Up until recently Poshmark would show similar items from your closet only under your sold listings. Now they show a mix of similar items from your closet and similar items from your competitors closets as well.