Review of the Poshmark Autoshare Bot Companies

I have tried all the companies that write share bots for Poshmark so you don’t have to. And here is my review…

Being a full time Poshmark seller is really a full time job if you want to make money. The potential for profit is phenomenal if you take the right steps. As I’ve mentioned before automation is the biggest key to success on Poshmark. Some may disagree with that fact, but facts are facts and I’ve tried every method there is so you don’t have to. No one has time to share for hours on end. Period. Our focus is needed in other aspects of our closets or even our lives. The bots do the nitty gritty draining task of sharing for us and so much more! I’d be out of business without them.

So, what bots do you choose?

Maybe by now you’ve searched online and read up on some of the bot companies out there? Maybe you haven’t. Either way I’ve tried numerous bot companies and want to share my experiences with you & ultimately tell you the company I chose in the end and why I feel it is the best of the best and will give you the most for your money and more importantly earn you more money!!

Note: I did NOT test the bots that run as a mobile app. Poshmark knows when those bots are used. Nobody should use them. Also, I did NOT test the bots that run on the bot company’s computers. Those companies all connect to Poshmark from the same IP address or from VPNs. Poshmark knows when those bots are used. My friend told me they asked Poshmark if they can start a second closet and Poshmark replied, “We see you have 96 accounts coming from your IP address. Use one of them.”

So, with that said, I researched and chose the 6 companies I always hear about in the ever growing “secret bot society” on Poshmark. Those companies are as follows:







Closet Pilot


(Order in which reviews are done above)



Purchase Process

Purchasing this automation software was simple enough. I went to their website and found the program I wanted to try which was their multifunctional bot program called Poshmark Share Bot (Side Note: I noticed upon going to their website that this company has automation software for other websites. Initially, I thought this may be a positive thing since they make automated bot programs for different websites. I assumed they must be invested in what they do and would be helpful to their customers… more on this later when I cover my experience with customer service). They do offer two different Poshmark automation programs to choose from.

Poshmark Share Bot (this is the multifunctional program) which gives you the option to purchase a one-year license or pay for a 7 day trial.

Poshmark Follow Bot (this program option only allows for following and/or unfollowing other users on Poshmark. Let me quickly note here I feel this would be a waste of money. Following and/or unfollowing people alone isn’t going to increase your sales. There is a lot more that must be done than that, bottom line.

On the website I selected the multifunctional program & checked out via paypal. The website does tell you it can take up to 24 hours to receive your license key & instructions for downloading. I did receive the email later on the same day.

Downloading & Set Up

This is where I became very frustrated. I found this software extremely confusing and difficult to understand and download. I had to call a girlfriend of mine who’s pretty smart with computers to help me save these BestMacros files on my computer and download things. Honestly, I couldn’t give you a breakdown of this process. I was in way over my head. In my experience this was like trying to do Chinese Calculus without even knowing how to speak Chinese. (Note: I’m not a computer genius. I have a basic knowledge of computers and basic computer skills, just like any average person).

So, after quite a long while we, well my girlfriend, managed to get the basic setup completed. I was excited to start using the bots right away and must admit I was rather bummed out because they weren’t what I was hoping they’d be. I needed something that is easy to use and does not require much thought or work on my part because running a business on Poshmark requires so many other important factors that need my attention. This program unfortunately requires a lot of time, effort and monitoring once set up. I found it difficult to run these bots and comfortably walk away from my computer. You’ll understand why as you read on.

Breakdown of BestMacros Bot Software

The Control Panel

The Control Panel is where you control your bots. You decide what bot(s) you want to run and with a good automation program you shouldn’t have to do much more than click a button telling them to start running.

BestMacros has their Control Panel attached to the top of a web browser which is where you’ll be logged into Poshmark. I had to click on the options in the top corner of the Control Panel to figure out that’s where I input my closet name and password as well as my email and the nifty license key I was emailed.

Below that there is a Dropbox and that’s where you’d select what you’d like to do in terms of sharing. Along with that there is two more boxes where you have to manually enter the minimum and maximum amount of seconds you’d like in between shares (more about this to come). The next feature on the Control Panel is the drop box where you select what audience you’re sharing to (your followers or the posh party). There’s also two boxes you can click on if you don’t want items randomly shared and the other is for “no sound”. That’s the makeup of the Control Panel.

Now, I’d like to breakdown the bots themselves on BestMacros and share my experience with them.

The Closet Bot

What closet bot????!!!??? You are probably wondering why I’m saying that. A closet bot should at the very least, even if only using the most basic & outdated automation program there is, share your items from your closet into the feed for your followers to see and share (and buy too of course). Well, I couldn’t share my items. ?? I couldn’t even see an option to share my closet! I’m not saying they don’t have a closet bot, because apparently they do. It took me a bit of reading and researching to figure out, well… to figure out this much anyway… It is my understanding that in order to use the Closet Share Bot on BestMacros you must create a spreadsheet which contains every single listing in your closet you want shared! (This would be HOURS of work, especially for closets with hundreds of listings). From what I understand you must keep this list up to date, consistently adding new URL’s of your new listings to the spreadsheet or they simply will not be shared. Not to mention when you sell these items, if you don’t remember to delete the URL on your spreadsheet your sold items will be shared as well. I don’t know about you, but I, in no lifetime or universe, have the time to do that. So, I didn’t even get to use the closet share bot on BestMacros. I was rather disappointed to say the least.

Share Bots

The “Share Bots” selection is from the drop down box on the Control Panel I mentioned above. It consists of the following options:

~ Share From Feed (this would be your feed where you see everyone you are following items appear when they share them)

~ Share From List (this would be the big giant URL list you’d have to create (and continuously update) to share the items from your closet to the news feed

~ Share From Party (this shares items from the posh parties to your followers)

~ Share Back (this action scans your personal news/notification feed and scrapes the user names of people who shared your items, then proceeds to go to their closet, share one item, then goes onto the next person).

So, to sum it up, this automation program seems minimal at best. I also was disappointed that when you purchase the bigger of the two programs they offer, that they didn’t have the smaller one included with it. The follow bot program they offer would have to be a completely separate purchase.

Next, there is no option to choose how many return shares I’d like given to each person either, although you do select the amount of total shares you’d like done in general. Personally, I would have liked to see an option for how many shares per person.

My biggest gripe about this program is that every single time I switched from one Share Bot to the next, the BestMacros software actually logs you completely out of not only their software but they log you out of Poshmark too, then the software re-checks your license and then logs you back into Poshmark. This is a big NO-NO in my opinion. No one using bots wants to send Poshmark big giant red flags! You may as well call them up at PMHQ and say “Hey look at me! I have Bots”! On top of that, if you recall my previous blog article, there’s also Captcha’s to deal with when they pop up & they will pop up. This program will stop sharing (as it should, 1 point for BestMacros on this) and will announce through your computer speakers you have a captcha. However, the problem with this is that if you’re not sitting in front of the computer or at least in earshot of the computer, you’ll never know you even have a captcha at all. This means it sits there. The longer it sits there, you’re basically sending another red flag to Poshmark saying you have bots. That’s another NO-NO. ? (I’ll be taking that point I just gave BestMacros back now)!

BestMacros Customer Service

As mentioned earlier in this review I wanted to discuss customer service as well because I firmly believe, especially when it comes to any kind of computer program or software, the company should have good customer service. The reason I feel this way is because most people, on average and myself included, have basic computer skills. We’re not all computer programmers or computer prodigies. Let’s be completely real here, computers can be confusing especially when trying to install, set up and use new software. That is the reason customer service is very important. I was hoping that because BestMacros creates automation software programs for other websites as well as Poshmark that they’d be more invested in their clientele and customer service would be helpful, responsive & of course reply within a timely manner. I’m personally disappointed with BestMacros. I never received a reply to the emails I sent. What more can I say? It’s disappointing.

Just a side note…

I want to touch base on the feature offered on BestMacros where you enter the minimum and maximum wait time in between shares. This feature can help lessen the possibility of receiving a captcha, but make no mistake you’re still going to get them. It’s just part of “posh life” now. The only reason I feel it could potentially lessen the captcha’s is because you can set the minimum and maximum wait time in between shares to share between every 1 and 10 seconds or 16 and 33 seconds (in reality a 10 second gap is actually pretty slow. When manually sharing, you can share multiple listings within ten seconds). What you set them to will most likely change throughout the day as well, which helps your sharing patterns look more human like. The down side to dealing with this is, you have to really think about what to choose. If you’re going out for an hour and can’t bring your computer with you, then you have to start figuring out, by trial and error, what the best times would be to lessen the possibility of captcha’s. It’s just a bit of extra work trying to figure out these things. Although, it has potential to be a handy feature, it’d be nice not to have to worry about that, especially with all the other work you already have to do to use their closet bot alone!

BestMacros: In Conclusion

Overall if I were to rate the BestMacros Poshmark Share Bot program from my experience purchasing to set up, use, overall automation efficiency and customer service I’d rate them, on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the best of the best) I’d rate them at a 2. I was expecting more for my money and feel I wasted not only my money but a lot of my time trying to figure out this software in which I couldn’t fully use (remember, the closet bot fiasco was simply impossible for me)!



Purchase Process

I won’t spend much time on the purchase process here, because it was pretty much the same as my review for BestMacros. However, just like my previous review upon going to the BoosterBots website I noticed they create and offer automation software for multiple websites. I clicked on the option for their “Poshmark Booster” automation software and was brought to their page to purchase my license to use their software. They offer two options to choose from.

License Length (this really isn’t an option because they only offer 1 license length which is a “lifetime” license. (Sounds appealing, but I question exactly what “lifetime” really is. More on this later).

License Quantity (this is where you decide whether you’d like to purchase the “included 1 PC License” or you can upgrade [for a fee per option] to a “2 PC License” or “3 PC License”.

I opted for the 1 PC License and proceeded to checkout. That was simple enough. I used paypal so I know it’s secure. After I purchased the software I received an email with a license key and a link to download the Poshmark Booster software.

Downloading and Set Up

After my first experience with BestMacros I was nervous about setting up another software. Luckily, this aspect of the software went somewhat smoothly. I didn’t end up needing help to download it and managed to get it up and working properly.

Breakdown of BoosterBots Software

The Control Panel

Once I opened the program I immediately noticed how similar it was to BestMacros. I don’t know what company came out with Poshmark software first, but they both have the same set up with the Control Panel at the top half of your computer screen with a web browser attached to the bottom half, which ultimately is where you’ll be logged into Poshmark. With that said there are tabs along the top of the Control Panel and here’s what they are and what they do…

Login Tab

This is where you enter your Poshmark username & password. In this login tab there is also a box you can check that says “Use Proxy”. By default it’s unchecked. Then the next box says “Proxy: ip:port” with a blank box to enter information into. To be completely honest with you, I have no idea what that means. At least I was able to login into Poshmark via the Control Panel & without dealing with these “proxy” boxes on the panel.

Unfollower Bot

This bot’s only purpose is to go into your closet and start unfollowing the people you are currently following. Some sellers prefer to have a smaller list of people they follow. Some sellers have unfollowed everyone and either keep it that way or will only continue to follow certain people (their friends, people they know are active on Poshmark and will return share their items and so on).

Once you open the unfollower tab you will see you must input your Poshmark user name again (I don’t understand why, after all isn’t this what the login tab is for)? Then you type in the maximum amount of people you want to unfollow. The next step is to decide if you’d like to randomize the users the program unfollowers. So, instead of going straight down the list, it randomly selects people to unfollow. Lastly you select the minimum and maximum amount of seconds in between each unfollow.

After testing this bot out, it ran fine, but the important question to ask here is this: Is it a major necessity? The answer: No, it’s not. It’s not going to make you sales or money. It’s not of major importance. It’s an okay feature but not a “must have” when your main goal is to have bots that make you money and are worth the money you spend on them.

Also, I’d like to add that although the bot ran ok what I did notice was that it takes more time because it physically goes to each closet it’s going to unfollow and loads it then unfollows. Then it goes to the next users closet and continues the same steps.

Lastly, once the cycle has finished you’ll hear a voice on your computer notifying you the module is done. That’s ok, IF you’re right in front of or in earshot of your computer. If you’re not, you won’t know it’s finished. This means you’re not running any of the bots that you should be running to advertise your closets/businesses and make you money!

Listing and Username Scraper

This bot confused me to be honest. I wasn’t quite sure what it was doing or what its purpose really was at first. What I later learned (because I had to call upon another friend who has a background in computer programming to help me) was you have to use this bot first in order to actually use the Listing Sharer Bot to return shares. (Seriously?? So, my understanding is I have to waist more time having my closet sit inactive so this bot can “scrape” up user names and listings in order to share?!). Very unhappy with this.

To give you an idea of the set-up of this bot, here’s all the things you must select or fill in for it to even scrape user names and listings ?

  • Scrape By Dropbox – this is where you select where you want this bot to pull the information from. Your options are the feed, by keyword or category.
  • Filter by Availability – you can select either available, sold or all.
  • Categories – this drop box lists all the categories such as dresses, jackets & coats & more.
  • Sort by – (Only works when scraping by category). Your options here are to select either the just in or best match selection.
  • Then there are 2 boxes you can check or leave blank (which I later learned I had to select one for this bot to work even though it’s set up in a way that makes it appear optional, but hey, this is so confusing, I had to spend a lot of time trying to understand what I was doing)! These boxes are “Scrape Listings” and “Scrape Usernames.
  • Pages to Scrape (I guess this scrapes so many listings or user names per whatever this program considers a page, honestly I have no clue beyond that. Seriously I don’t even want to think about this stuff)!

To sum this bot up, it’s basically a bot that assists another bot so the other bot will actually work for you. The “other bot” being the one that shares for you.


The Follower bot does the basic function of following other users. BoosterBots follower bot does have the option to also share and/or like the users listings your having the bot follow. With that said, I do feel liking a listing is a waste of a feature. Liking a listings isn’t going to make you a sale. As for following tons of people, I don’t think that’s the key either. If you’re going to follow anyone, follow the people who have liked your listings. You don’t want to follow and/or share your direct competitors and with this bot you have zero control of who you’ll be following (or sharing if you opt to use that feature).

The layout of the Follower is basic at best. It has these options to fill out and select:

  • input the maximum amount of people you want to follow
  • input the minimum and maximum amount of time (in seconds) you want in between shares.

Then, as previously mentioned, you can select 3 separate options in which you may choose to:

  • randomize the username list
  • share a random listing
  • like a random listing

Ultimately I’m not overly impressed with this feature. I do not like that I have little to no control. I could have been following, liking and sharing my direct competition and their items, that helps them and their business/closet, not my business/closet. One of the main points of using automation is to increase your sales, not your competitors sales. I’ll pass on this feature from BoosterBots. I think if you’re going to have a feature like this, it needs to offer more control for the user, not just run amuck following whoever from where ever.

Listing Liker

I’m literally shaking my head as I type this. What a waist. This bot is simply for the sole purpose of liking listings, funny didn’t the previous Follower Bot do this too? Yet, I found myself looking at virtually the same feature, minus following and sharing that the previous option did.

The Liker Listing tab is pretty small since it’s a minimal feature and consists of the following:

  • maximum listing to like
  • minimum and maximum wait time (in seconds) between likes.
  • randomize listing links list (optional check box)

I’m not going to spend time really writing about this bot. I don’t feel liking random listings will gain you sales but it will, if used enough, cause your Poshmark personal news notifications feed to become filled with tons of price drop notices. Imagine if you used this bot every day and liked 200 listings a day, this would end up creating tons of price drop notices for you to have to sort through to see if you have any comments from potential customers and even worse, you could accidentally miss a comment because you have liked hundred or even thousands of listings using this bot. No thank you! (And if you have email notifications about price drops on your liked items… what a disaster)!

Listing Sharer

The Listing Sharer bot’s function is to share listings, but this feature was confusing to figure out. After consulting with my friend, the computer programmer, we learned that you must actually run the “Listing and User Name Scraper” before you’re able to use this bot and share listings. Basically, the “Scraper” bot collects (scrapes) the user names and/or listings and must store that information in its software on your computer until you’re ready to share it. Then you turn this bot on and it will share the listings and/or user names it previously collected. This was pretty confusing to me. I still don’t fully understand it. Bots shouldn’t be so complicated.

The Listing Sharer tab layout has the same options as the other bots I’ve discussed thus far including:

  • maximum listings to share
  • minimum and maximum wait time in between shares

This is followed by 2 options of:

  • randomizing listing links list
  • skip sharing sold listings

I have to say I’m unhappy that I had to waste time to “scrape” listings before I could share them. This software is extremely confusing. Again, making me feel like I’m trying to figure out Chinese Calculus.

Listing Commenter

The Listing Commenter is obviously used to leave comments. However, I did not feel comfortable using this bot because I have no clue where my comment would be posted. Am I thanking people for liking my listings? Am I thanking people for sharing? I had no clue what to type in for my comment and I certainly was not comfortable guessing and then leaving a comment that made no sense with where it was posted or to whom it was left for. I’m disappointed that there’s nothing telling me on the Listing Commenter tab where the comments go or what they’re meant for.

On the Listing Commenter Tab you’ll find the following options you must manually fill in prior to running the bot (which I did not do)

  • Maximum comments to send
  • Comment (this is where you’d type your comment and hope what you say makes sense to whomever you’re commenting to).
  • Minimum and maximum wait time (in seconds) between comments
  • Your user name

I’m not impressed with this at all. How do I know where my comment is going? I was not comfortable with this bot at all. So, with that being said, no thank you! And on to the next tab…

Your Closet Sharer

This bot’s function is to share your items from your closet to your followers. You have to manually fill in a bunch of boxes (like every bot on this BoosterBots automation software & that gets repetitive and old quickly) before you are able to use the Closet Sharer bot.

The Your Closet Sharer tab is set up with these selections to manually fill out:

  • Main Loops To Run (from my assessment this means you’re telling this bot how many times to share your closet in total)
  • Your Poshmark User Name (AGAIN! Argh!)
  • Minimum Wait After Main Loop (this is in minutes and just like the minimum and maximum wait times between shares, this one is for the time in between the “loops” you run your closet bot for)
  • How Many Listings To Scrape/Shares To Do Per Main Loop? (This is how many of your listings you’d like to share out of your closet)
  • Minimum and Maximum wait time in between shares in seconds
  • Only Show Listings By (this is a drop box where you manually select between all items, available items & sold items)
  • Share Closet Items In Order (optional checkbox)
  • Share Closet Items In Reverse Order (optional checkbox)
  • Share Random Closet Items (optional checkbox)

There are a few more tabs on this Control Panel and the bots are rather repetitive and time consuming, on top of feeling and being overwhelming. Here’s a run-down of the rest of the tabs on the Control Panel and what each bot does in brief:

Follower Scraper ~ This bot has 2 boxes manually fill out. The first one has you “Enter a Username to Scrape” & the second box says “Usernames To Scrape” [the number you want to scrape]… This bot is beyond confusing. I entered my friends closet name, with her permission, then entered a number for the usernames to scrape. I can’t tell you what this bot was doing. It just started going to closets and partially loading them, unfollowing them, then moving on to the next closet. Then when I tried to stop it, it kept running. I couldn’t get it to stop until I completely closed out the entire program! It wasn’t even doing what it was supposed to do. It appeared to be doing what the unfollower bot does)!

Share Back & Follow Back ~ This bot is for return sharing and following other users. I don’t care for this bot because like the Listing Sharer bot it appears you can’t run this bot without scraping listings and user names with a different bot. As with most BoosterBots other bots you also have to manually input the same information (minutes and seconds between feed checks, follows and shares). This is truly way too time consuming.

Mass Follower ~ This function is solely to follow users who are following someone else’s closet or to follow the users someone else is following. For example you see a closet with 1 million followers so you decide to run this bot to follow all the users who are following that closet – OR – you see that a particular closet is following 1 million people so you decide to run this bot and follow all the users they are following. You enter the users name, then select whether you’d like to follow their followers or follow the users they’re following along with minimum and maximum amount of wait time.

* It’s important that I note this is an ineffective method because following closets with a high volumes of followers or people they are following really increases the odds that a large amount of those users being followed are actually inactive closets. Following inactive closets will do nothing for you. You will not help increase your sales by doing this. You will not accomplish much of anything but wasting your time and efforts which can and should be used elsewhere.

Share To Party ~ And finally we reach the last tab on the BoosterBots Control Panel for the “Share to Party” Bot. This bot’s entire set up is such a pain. You have to manually enter party URL’s to even use it. Then you can only share from the feed or your closet into the party or share listings from the party. The set up on the Share to Party control panel tab has quite a bit of boxes that must be filled in which include the following: Enter Party URL (this is where you must type in the Poshmark party URL you’re sharing from). A drop down box labeled “Share Your Listings From” with the option of the feed, your closet or the party. Then you must enter your Poshmark user name AGAIN. The next things that must be filled out are the same things as most the BoosterBots other bots: Main Loops To Run, How Many Listings To Scrape/Shares To Do Per Main Loop (confused yet, I am), Minimum & Maximum Wait After Main Loop – In Minutes and Minimum and Maximum Wait Share in seconds. After you’ve manually filled out all of these options you have the 3 option boxes you can select from: Share Items In Order, Share Items In Reverse Order, Share Items Randomly.

This is A LOT of time, energy and work for something that is supposed to make sharing easier.

Customer Service

I personally emailed BoosterBots with a simple question. I never received a reply. On their website there’s a “contact us” link where you can email them directly right from their website. I sent an email. Never received a reply. So I’m not writing a rave review about their customer service. Top that with the customer service they should provide by continuously working on their software to ensure it keeps up with Poshmark’s ever changing programming.

Side Notes

On top of all the other nuisances with BoosterBots, I came across a HUGE flaw in this software! This is a major issue and because of this alone I will never use BoosterBots again! The captcha’s issue as previously discussed is one that, although annoying, is part of posh life now – whether you manually share or use automation. You want to avoid having captcha’s sitting on your screen waiting to be corrected for long lengths of time because it will send a red flag to Poshmark that you’re possibly using an automated program. This program however does something so bad when it’s sharing and a captcha pops up – It completely ignores the captcha’s all together, backs out of the listing and goes on to share the next listing. The captcha then reappears immediately and what does the BoosterBots software do? It, again, ignores the captcha and again goes on to try to share the next listing! This is BAD! I cannot stress to you enough how bad and in my opinion irresponsible of the developers of this automation software program to have done nothing to resolve this major issue. By doing nothing it makes it appear that they don’t care enough to fix this problem or don’t have a clue how. I would rather spend more on a better program than use this automation software again.

I also feel it’s important to mention you have to constantly spend time thinking about minutes, seconds, if you “scraped” enough listings and user names, who’s items you’re sharing and who your bots are having you follow. As well as not being able to take your eyes off the computer because if you get a captcha you will have no way to know.

On a side note, I also tested out this software for a solid week and ran it constantly. I made no sales from new customers. I still made sales, but only from customers I already had prior to using this software. Attracting new clientele is an important part of creating a successful business. BoosterBots did not perform well enough to help contribute to successfully running my business.

In Conclusion

If I were to rate BoosterBots on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the absolute worst and 10 the absolute best) I’d rate them as a 1. The issue with the captcha’s is big enough on its own for a rating of a 1 in my opinion. Add in how confusing this software is to figure out and run is another major contributing factor. Sorry BoosterBots, I’ve deleted your software.



Purchase Process

Purchasing the MyPoshBot automation software was simple enough. Just like the previous competitors, I went to their website and selected to purchase the program which was done via paypal. There was only 1 option to choose from as well. However, what I did not like was the fact that it sets you up to pay monthly with automatic monthly payments. So in other words, let’s say I bought the program on the first day of the month, the following month I’ll automatically be charged again. Personally, I prefer to make my own payment. I do not feel comfortable that there was no option for that. Many people forget to cancel monthly payments on things they tried and ultimately don’t like, signed up for to try out or some forget there is an automatic payment and next thing you know your bank account balance is off. I’m guilty of forgetting myself on occasion and have paid for things I monthly I wanted to try out but forgot to cancel afterwards. This, in my opinion, is a sneaky method to obtain money. My thinking is, if someone truly likes the product you’re selling, then they will remember to pay for it. There’s no need for automatic payments, unless you willingly select to use them.

Downloading and Setup

Downloading this program and setting it up was very similar to the process with BoosterBots. I received an email with a link and license key. Then, just like the previous software programs, it saves files on the computer and from there you can open the software and begin use. It wasn’t as confusing as the experience with BestMacros but I think this was mostly because I’ve gotten used to doing this type of setup with the previous programs.

Breakdown of MyPoshBot Software

Control Panel Overview

The Control Panel on MyPoshBot consists of three separate tabs along the top, similar to the previous program reviewed. Underneath the tabs is the section of the screen where you find the controls for each bot, which I’ll review next, followed by the lower half of your screen which will log you into Poshmark. Basically this is the same look and set up as BestMacros and BoosterBots.

Share To Followers

This bot is meant to share items to your followers. The first drop down box is the Sharing Mode. You have the following categories to select from: My Feed, Search, Closet, Party, Shared My Items and Users I’m Following. This is followed by having to enter your Poshmark username and password which remains visible on the Control Panel. (I personally don’t care for having my password displayed right on the computer screen for anyone to see). Next you’ll see the box labeled Delay(s) where, I assume, you put in how many seconds you’d like between shares. This doesn’t have a minimum and maximum manual entry for the amount of seconds like the previous companies. Then you’ll enter the amount of shares you’d like the bot to do. After those previous options you’ll find 3 optional options in which you can manually enter the following: Search Keyword, Closet URL, Party URL. Lastly you may select the options to share only unsold items and to Loop Sharing.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine is! I had asked my friend, the computer programmer for help after I downloaded this program because quite honestly I couldn’t get it to work. My friend was able to get it to share but the sharing was not running properly. For example, we selected to share my closet. Our 1st attempt this program shared someone else’s closet!! On our 2nd and 3rd attempts the program logged out of Poshmark and when attempting to log back in we kept receiving error messages. This was extremely frustrating.

Share To Party

This tab on the Control Panel is for the Share to Party bot. The first option you must select is the Share to Party Mode drop box with the options being the feed or your closet. Then once AGAIN you enter your Poshmark username and password, as well as the delay time you’d like and maximum shares. Lastly, there’s an optional box to fill in for “Closet URL”.

Once I entered the above mentioned information and started the bot it did start sharing. The problem is I couldn’t tell if it was sharing the items correctly. According to the Control Panel when you run the party bot you will be directed to the party listing page and then it will start sharing items from that party. I noticed my bots did not go to the party. They went to the feed and shared. The party happening at the time was a brand specific party and I couldn’t tell if it was actually sharing items from the feed that were related to the party nor could I see exactly what was being shared. The reason you can’t fully see what’s going on is because the Control Panel takes up about 75% of the computer screen so you only see a small portion of Poshmark which makes up the bottom part of the Control Panel/screen.

It’s extremely confusing.


This feature is meant to follow and/or unfollow other users on Poshmark. When you click on this tab you will again find more boxes you must manually fill in which include both your username and password AGAIN (seriously??), as well as the Following Mode drop down box where you must select from the following options: Keyword or Closet Followers. You also must enter the maximum amount of follows you’d like the bot to do and lastly the optional entry of a closet URL or keyword. You may also opt to unfollow immediately as well (so in other words the bot will follow someone, which they’d see in their notifications, and immediately unfollow them as well.

My experience was not great with this feature. My very first attempt at using it I received an error message where Poshmark should be showing on the Control Panel and followed by that the error message. On my 2nd attempt it seemed like it was working or going to work. It went the closet URL I manually typed in, loaded the list of people following that closet and followed them. As I’ve stated before I feel that this isn’t a feature I care much for. I think there are more important features that can help you make money and increase your following other than this specific feature.

Customer Service

My experience with customer service wasn’t spectacular but at least a tad better than the previous review thus far. My first email was never replied to. Then I tried emailing again directly from the website from the contact us option and I did receive a reply. So, like I said, it’s a tad better than no reply at all it just took 2 separate tries.

Side Notes

On a side note I found this program to underperform and be ineffective. I also found it to have 2 major flaws. Just like with BoosterBots, MyPoshBots ignores captcha’s!!! This is very bad. The program does not notify you that there’s a captcha. It just continues to keep sharing just as its competitor, BoosterBots does. This is a huge red flag as I previously explained when reviewing BoosterBots. It’s bad enough neither program notifies you there’s a captcha but they both keep trying to share items, thus keeping captcha’s occurring with every attempted share. This means you can NEVER walk away from your computer. You must sit in front of your computer and stare at the screen whenever you are sharing! What’s the point of even having bots if you must do that?

The next flaw is another major one! MyPoshBot will log you out of Poshmark completely every time you choose a new function or action for your bots to complete. This will also send a red flag to Poshmark when someone’s account is unnaturally or inhumanly logging in and then out and back in again all throughout the morning, afternoon and night. You want your automation program to mimic human behavior. These flaws cause your account to appear to have robotic, inhuman like behavior.

In Conclusion

With the technical issues, malfunctions and the confusion of even trying to run these bots I find MyPoshBots to be ineffective and not worth my time or money. If I were to rate MyPoshBot on a scale of 1 to 10 I would only give them a 1 because the major flaws it’s presented are really bad. The people behind the programming should not allow this to occur. They should be on top of issues like this. This leads me to believe that they might be more interested in their automatic monthly payment instead of their automation software.


Poshmark Pro Tools

Purchase Process

The purchase process for Poshmark Pro Tools is your basic process, similar to most automation programs. You go to their website and initially see they offer a free 3 day trial and state their software is currently on sale (at press time) from $199.99 to $79.99 for a lifetime license. Once you select “Order Now” you are redirected to a new page which offers 3 purchase options.
* Poshmark Pro Tools Free 3 Day Trial
* Poshmark Pro Tools License & Software Download
* Poshmark Pro Tools License & Download with Setup

To keep this review honest, I’d like to note, I was given a link to download the software by the developer because he asked me to test their software and write a review.

Seeing the download options however, be informed that if you select the 3rd option your fee will be (at press time) $89.99 because they offer to set it up for you. (But They did not set it up for me.) This price is a current sale price from the original price point of $250.00 according to their website.

Once you select the software program you’d like from the 3 options you’re given and add it to your cart you may proceed to checkout. On the checkout page you enter your billing information and you also must enter a username and create an account with them. Then you may checkout using either Paypal or your personal credit card.

Downloading & Installation

Now that the software has been purchased it’s time for installation. As for downloading the software, I clicked on the provided link and honestly I was confused about how to install and set it up being I’m not an expert on computers. If you’ve read my previous reviews you’ll know I have basic computer skills and knowledge at best, so for me it was confusing. I did, as with some of my previous software testing for reviews, call my friend who is extremely good with computers to install and set up the software. What I found was that just like some of the previous software programs I’ve reviewed, it saves files on the computer and from there you can open the software and begin using it.

Breakdown of PoshmarkTools Software

Control Panel Overview

The control panel is one rectangular box with separate sections in it for the different actions the bots available can perform. It took me a little bit to get an understanding of how to use it though. I will break down the control panels feature below.

NOTE: Behind the control panel there will be another single window open which logs you into Poshmark and will bring up your closet or whatever function you’re performing. The control panel only allows for one bot to run at a time so there is no multiple function performing at once (for example sharing your closet while sharing from the feed).

Closet Sharing Bot

In this section of the control panel (the upper left corner) there is a box where you manually enter your Poshmark user name. Next to this box you see the options you have when it comes to sharing your closet such as manually entering how many items you’d like to share from your closet, how many share loops you’d like it to perform, the amount of available items you’d like it to share, as well as manually entering the amount of time between each share. Personally, I’m not a fan of having to enter the times between shares in myself. I find that programs who have this already set up for you and will share your items (or other’s items) without you having to think of the best time to put in is better. Not to mention there are programs available that change up the seconds between shares so they appear much more human like. For example with this program I can manually enter 2 seconds between shares which means every 2 seconds on the dot it will share an item, but I ask you this: what human will perfectly share exactly 2 seconds apart non stop all morning, afternoon and night? Ultimately, it’s not really human like when you think about it. Of course you can adjust the share times all day too but I don’t want to think about that when I have more important things I can be doing to improve or work on my business. Now, comparing that to a program that automatically changes the amount of time between shares for every share, whether it’s 2 seconds one share and the next 2.6 seconds is more human like to me. Just food for thought. The more human like the better.

The closet bot also has an option to “Reverse Share” where it shares the items from the bottom of your closet going upward if you click on that option. If you leave that option unchecked it will do the opposite and share from the top down. I found a major flaw in this software upon testing it though. This software turns off the available display filter and refreshes your closet thus causing it to share your unavailable items. The software went to the very bottom of my closet and shared sold items from 5-6 years ago marked as “unavailable”. This software does not recognize unavailable items unless they are actually marked as sold with the red sold banner on them. There are other programs will realize an item is sold or unavailable and not share it if you simply have sold in the title or mark it as not for sale. So it actually pushed 6 year old sold listings to the top of my closet. Having said that I’d like to mention that you have no control or way to tell the bots how far down into your closet to share. Having a very large closet, it can be a pain to push those items back to the bottom with the other sold and/or unavailable items. So it’s important to me to have a program that won’t share unavailable listings. On a side note about the closet sharing bot, it does skip over actual sold listings which is important (sold meaning, someone purchased the item & Poshmark automatically has it marked as “sold”).

– Other Closet Share Bot Functions

Reverse Sharing: there is a box that is automatically checked off upon opening this software program called “Reverse Share”. When this box is checked off it automatically shares the available items from the very bottom of your closet & pushes them to the top. Again please note if you have items marked as “unavailable”, this program will not recognize it as sold and push it to the top of your closet. The items must have the red sold banner in order for this software to leave it alone and not move it.

So this brings me to when you unselect the Reverse Share option. This time it will share your items in the opposite order of Reverse Share. It will share your items in order from the top down. It changes the original order of your items because it shares starting with your first listing at the top left side of your closet and continues until it’s completed the amount of available items you’ve manually input for it to share and the amount of share loops.
Lastly, the closet bot section offers multiple closet sharing. I mentioned earlier that the control panel has a box where you type in your user name so it will share your closet, well, you can also add additional closet names you’d like the software to share. You can keep your closet name on this list and add the closets of your choosing to share from. You also have the option to reverse share or not as well, as well as how many items to share, how many share loops you’d like it to complete and of course the amount of time between shares.


The newest addition (created a couple weeks ago at press time) to this automation software is the Feed Bot. You will find the feed bot option in the same area of the control panel that the closet share bot selections are. To use the feed bot you’d select the box that says “Share Items From Feed”. This automatically changes your open window on Poshmark to the feed. Then you manually enter how many share loops you’d like the software to complete, how many available items from the Feed you’d like it to share and how long of a delay between shares you’d like. It’s a basic feed sharing tool.


The party bot will only share your items into a party. You just run your closet bot and select the “Share To Current Party” option.  Note: This bot does not share other sellers items out of the party.

Following Users Tools

On the bottom left portion of the control panel is a area dedicated to strictly following other users. It is a tad confusing. The instructions say “Paste a username of user, whose followers you want to follow”. Ok that’s simple enough. So, with that said I manually typed in another users closet user name. However underneath the box where you enter the user name of the person who’s followers you want to follow is a box you either opt to check or not check. This box says “Follow followers or Following (Check = Followers). It just seems a little confusing. So in other words to simplify that one option is to simply follow the followers of the person who’s closet name you typed in. The other option is to follow the same people (of the person who’s user name you entered) that they follow. It is confusing, I know!
After you’ve decided on who you’re following you continue by manually entering delays in between follows (this information is on the right side of the control panel) as well as the number of closets you wish to follow. My understanding is, at the time, the maximum number you may enter is 999 at one time. I wouldn’t recommend running that many all at once as it will send red flags to Poshmark because there has been a lot of spamming issues as of late and some of the spammers developed their own software to first follow a lot of other closets in hopes of gaining return follows so they appear to be a more legitimate account. It doesn’t appear as obvious that someone is actually a scammer/spammer when they have created an account (well in their case many accounts) that appear more realistic with followers and so on. Poshmark is aware of these types of scammers/spammers and do monitor how many people accounts follow in one day and how many they follow at once. So entering 999 may flag your closet to be under the watchful eyes of Poshmark’s tech team. Not good. In any case you don’t have to enter 999, which is a good thing.
Once you start running the following Users tool, which ever way you run it, you will notice that on the control panel “Status” data will start to show up. This tells you who it’s currently following and the total followed. The second line of the status data again states the total amount of profiles followed and how many were ignored. Lastly it tells you if it’s in “sleep mode” which is the delay in between follows you chose to enter. It will also occasionally say it’s checking for captcha’s as well… but that is something I will touch on below in my side note section and conclusion of this article.

Note: Ignored profiles are simply ones you’re already following so the software ignores it and moves on to the next profile until it’s one you’re not following in which case it will not ignore it and will follow it.
Also it’s important to mention that on the right hand side of the control panel is a log that the software has which shows you, every time you run it, who it’s following and who it’s ignored. This log is also used during closet sharing. As the software program shares items, which you cannot see on your Poshmark screen, it shows in the log the title of the item it has shared and if it was shared successfully or not. Underneath the log there is an option to export your log to csv. I’m unsure what reasons exporting the log has though. I’ve never had a reason to export logs of anything. But the option is there if you need it for some reason.

Following Closets Tool

Yes… another following tool….. The next following tool option you have is to select specific closets you’d like to follow. Then you manually enter the names of these closets in the box on the control panel. Once you type in the user name of every closet you’d like to follow you again input the delay time you’d like between follows and then click on the follow box. The software will then go to each of these profiles/closets and follow them. Simple as that…. except all the time you take to manually enter each user name just to have the software go in and click the follow button on their profiles does not make any sense to me. If you’ve been on Poshmark for a while now odds are you are already following the other users you’d like to follow and even if you’re not it seems to me it would be faster just to go on my app or computer and click “follow” myself if it’s actually someone I want to follow. Not to mention doing it yourself will appear more human like than having the software do it for you.

Status Data

I touched upon the status data briefly above but wanted to also include here as it is a function of the control panel. It’s always running when you’re running a bot. If you run your closet bot status data will show stating if an item was successfully shared and if the software is in sleep mode or checking for captcha’s. You don’t have to do anything with this part of the control panel. It just handles itself.

Customer Service

Customer service for this company is good, meaning that the person with whom I was in touch with from the automation software company was very kind and kept in touch with me during my testing and writing process. Of course he had asked to review his bots. You may or may not have the same experience if you buy the software.
Note: No one sees my review until it’s been published. I feel if’s important to mention this fact.

Side Notes

Now, here is where I need to take time to point out a HUGE flaw in this automation software program. It’s the BIGGEST problem I have with most of the companies out there… CAPTCHA’S…. they have been causing problems for both users of automation and even those who manually share. They really should be resolved quickly or you risk being flagged by Poshmark for using automation, even if you’re not. Not to mention recent testing has shown that the longer you have a captcha unsolved the longer your items will not be seen by potential buyers on Poshmark. For example if you let a captcha sit unsolved for 1 hour Poshmark may block your items from being viewed in the Feed, Parties & Showrooms for at least double the time, so for this example 2 hours with no exposure – even if you are sharing your items.
With that said, it’s extremely important I point out that what happens with this software when you get a captcha. Yes the software stops attempting to share your items, which is more than I can say for a few of the other programs out there. The major problem however is that you have absolutely no way of knowing you even have a captcha unless you are sitting in front of your computer watching the software run all morning, noon & night. Now, I personally do not have the time to do that all day, everyday. The whole point of having automation software is to make your life easier. I don’t have time to sit in front of my computer babysitting software. Running an online business requires a lot of work to be done, especially if it’s your full time job. I’d rather be spending my time working on new listings, editing photos and so on. Or maybe Poshing isn’t your full time job but you also have a family and other things to attend to and maybe another job as well… again how can you babysit the software all day while getting everything you need done accomplished? Personally I cannot do it. So, for me, this software isn’t something I can rely on to run my closets. I heavily rely on a program that’s designed to alert me the moment there is an issue. Not knowing is a big problem for me. During my testing of this software I walked away from my laptop only to find when I returned I had a captcha. I was only away 10 minutes but still, that’s not a good thing. This has to appear human like. Not solving captcha’s quickly looks more robotic than human like.

In Conclusion

In conclusion I feel this software needs work such as additions and updating before it can compare and/or compete with the best of the best in automation software. It lacks in some important areas where others do not. In other words it lacks important features while offering some not so important ones such as all the following users features. Then as previously mentioned the captcha issue is absolutely HUGE and that is something I can’t stress enough. My other area of concern is that although they offer a one time license fee, how much work are they going to want to keep putting into the automation software without the consistent money to keep them motivated? The problem I’ve found with most every one time fee software I’ve tested is that they eventually stop putting in a lot of work and stop updating the software. Poshmark is growing at a very rapid pace and their algorithms are constantly changing. So, automation software needs to be consistently monitored and updated with someone running testing to keep up with Poshmark’s changes. I’m not saying this company won’t do this. I’m just saying time will tell and previous companies have failed drastically in this area. So, it’s an honest concern I have speaking from experience….
If I were to give this automation software a rating on a 1 To 10 scale, I’d have to honestly give it a 3. In past reviews I’ve given a 1 just for captcha issues alone, but I do think the customer service is ok. The person I emailed was polite and did reply, which is something some of the other companies couldn’t manage to do. I am also giving extra points because the software appears to be written better than some of the others I’ve reviewed previously. I still feel this software needs a lot of work as I previously mentioned though, so time will tell…

UPDATE: My technical friend pointed out something very important to me. Quoting now: “These bots are written using a technology called WebDriver. WebDriver is used to automate browsers to test websites. WebDriver tells the website that automation is being used. Thus, these bots would tell Poshmark that you are running bots.” So for that reason alone, these bots should not be used.



Purchase Process

The purchase process for SimplePosher automation software is simple enough. I went to the website and first selected the pricing option to see what they offer as pricing options. There is a free 7 day trial or the option to buy at $9.99 per month. (Yes the price sounds good but there are downsides to this I will cover later on in this article). Google then automatically charges you recurring $9.99 every month.
I next selected the install tab on the website and from there was directed to the Chrome Web Store. From there I selected the trial version and the downloading process began

Downloading and Installation

Upon installing, which only took moments, I did get a couple pop ups from my computer that did concern me though. The first pop up said “Add SimplePosher? It can read and change all the data on the websites you visit”. Unfortunately in order to install I had to agree it was ok. The next pop up stated “SimplePosher wants to know your age range and language and view your Chrome Web Store apps and extensions”. Again I had to select allow because if I hit cancel it would cancel my process of installing and using the software. I’ve never had pop ups like this when installing other software. As I’ve explained in previous reviews I’m not a computer expert so popups like that do concern me.
In order to download the software you must go through google chrome and sign into a google account and/or create one then you can download the software or extension. As I said it only takes a few moments to install. Then you’ll see a clothing hanger icon on the bar at the of your screen. This is the SimplePosher logo which means it’s set up and ready to use. The logo is basically what you click on to bring up your control panel to run yours bots. Admittedly compared to other software programs this was an easy one to set up and I didn’t need help setting it up.

Breakdown of Simple Posher Software

* Control Panel Overview

The control panel, as mentioned above, is found on the top bar to the far right of your computer screen. The logo is in a clothing hanger and once you click on this your control panel will pop up.

The control panel is pretty basic and has a row on the right side for each action it can preform. On the left of the control panel is a white rectangular box. This will show you what items were shared once you start running the software.

NOTE: In order to run this software you will need to open a window in google chrome and login to Poshmark.

Item Sharer Bot

(Note: this will cover all share functions in the following categories: the feed, your closet, other users/sellers closets & parties).

The first function on the control panel is the “Item Sharer” Bot. To use this Bot you add the number of items you’d like to share into the specified box. Underneath that box are 2 options you may select prior to sharing:
1. Randomize sharing order
2. Share infinitely
Underneath these 2 boxes is the start and stop options.

The item sharer function will share items out of the main shopping feed, parties, other users closets and your own personal closet.

The downside is, depending on where you’d like to share from you must manually go to your computer and click on the feed, party, your closet tab or go to the closet of the specific person who’s items you’d like to share. Again this is manually done so every time you want to share or change what you are sharing you will be going to your computer and manually selecting the page you’d like to share from. This may not be a big deal for some but in my experience as a seller, I personally see this as a downfall due to the simple fact that I do not have the time to keep checking my computer to see if it’s finished sharing and when it has then run back over and restart the sharing elsewhere. I have to be allowed to put my main focus on my listings (photos and description writing) as well as other things that involve running a business on Poshmark, which no matter how big or small you may be or even if this is a hobby for you, having automation is a must to make sales, but it must also not constantly interrupt your attention or take time from the other important aspects of your business. Not to mention if I don’t know exactly when the sharing is going to end I’m going to constantly be running back to my computer to check and see if it’s finished yet. So this part of the software is a downfall for me and that alone is enough for me to not want to use it.

Please note: I know this may sound harsh but I pride my reviews of automation software on my brutal honesty. I have a business to run and a busy life to lead while running my posh business so I’m always researching new software to ensure I’m always using the best of the best.

How the Item Sharer works exactly is once you select the area you choose to share from, let’s say the feed for example, you may type in the number of items you wish to share and then you may select the option to “randomize sharing order” which means the program will share randomly out of the feed instead of in the order in which they appear. If you’d like it to share in order just leave the box unchecked. The other option is to “share infinitely” or in other words to share without a limit or a chosen amount of items. When I ran that specific option from the feed it stopped on me. It did not keep sharing infinitely until I stopped it. What it did do, from what I could gather, was share a full page worth of items from the feed then automatically turned off. I am unsure if this was somehow an error on my part (although I don’t see how that would be possible because I made sure 0 was in the box you enter the number of items you wish to share) or if it was an error on the programs part or maybe this is just how the program works.

Sharing from a party is no different than the feed. You either enter the number of items you wish to share out of the current party or select the option to share infinitely. Then you may also select to share in a random order if you’d like. Press start and let the sharing begin.

Note: the page you’re sharing from doesn’t automatically refresh when sharing is complete. For example when I shared from the feed or party I noticed that once the software finished running the page did not refresh. So to see if it would refresh upon starting it over, I ran it again and the program shared the exact same items it did the first time (I did not have the randomized sharing order selected at this time, however even if I did, the program may share different items from the page but it still doesn’t refresh the page so you’re not sharing the newest items as they come in unless you manually refresh the page yourself).

Sharing from another users closet on poshmark again follows the same directions as the feed and party bot. Also, you will have to go to your computer and manually enter the name of the closet you wish to share.

Sharing your own closet is not different that sharing someone else’s closet. You enter the number of items you wish to share from your closet and then select start. However, take note, if you like to keep your closet in a specific order, this program won’t be able to do that for you and here’s why…

– You only have 2 share options!
If you opt to share randomly then yes of course your items will not stay in any specific order. However if you just share without selecting the “Randomize Share Order” option what it does (and this actually goes for when it shares from any of the other places you may select to share from) it starts with the very 1st item in your closet and works it’s way down to the last item. So if you selected 100 items once the program is finished sharing and you manually refresh your closet you will notice that the 100th item is now the 1st item, the 99th item is now your 2nd item & so on. The program does not have an option to share in a way that will keep your closet in the order you’ve put it in. That, in my opinion, is a negative because many sellers like to keep pushing their favorite pieces or pieces they’re trying to showcase to the top of their closet so when the first share loop is complete your favorite pieces are at the top again. Other sellers also like to create different sections in their closets for different categories of items (tops, pants, dresses, sweaters, jewelry and so on). With the way this program shares you will not be able to keep order unless you go in and manually update or share your items until they are back in the order in which you like them.

This brings me to my next issue, there are no share loops. In other words when you opt to share your closet for example, Once it has finished sharing the amount of items selected, it’s done. It will not start sharing again unless you restart it. Some sellers like sharing their closet a few times in a row. Some programs allow you to input how many times you’d like to share the X amount of items you’ve selected. This program only does it once. There is no optional features for adding extra share loops. That is something I find bothersome because, once again it comes down to me not having to worry about starring at my computer watching for when it may be done sharing. I have more important tasks at hand to ensure my business grows and I also, just like all of you, have lives we want to live while still running and growing a business. Having to constantly check my computer takes away the freedom I need to do other things or to even leave my office or home where my computers are.

The next issue that needs attention here is if this program shares your sold items. I found this to be a major issue with many of the other automation software programs I’ve tested. This program will absolutely share your sold items, by sold I’m referring to the items with the red “sold” banner because your item has been sold on Poshmark. I tested this out 2 different ways. I first shared every item in my closet by inputting the amount of items I have available but purposely added 5 more to that number knowing those are sold out items with the red sold banner on them. The program shared the 5 sold items and by doing so pushed them to the top of my closet. I then refreshed my closet which exposed the sold items at the top and I entered into the program to share 10 items and sure enough it still shared them. This specific feature on this program does not recognize sold items. However what I found strange was if you do not want your sold items shared you must use a totally different function this program offers to share your closet…

Edit Sharer

The Edit Sharer option is the 2nd feature on the control panel. What it does is it “edits” your listing and then shares it. This is basically just clicking the update option on your listing (not actually editing anything) and then sharing it. Using this feature will stop your sold items from being shared and your meet the posher listing if you have one.
Note: there is one issue with this feature that stands right out: This feature could cause a temporary freeze on your Poshmark account if you’re not cautious on how you use it and if you have a very large closet with hundreds of items using this feature could easily fly a red flag right in Poshmark’s face placing that freeze on your account. What I do appreciate here is the owner of this software does make a note of this on their website stating the following “…poshmark has a low threshold of items that can be edit-shared before they place a temporary 24 hour freeze on this kind of sharing which also affects listing new items”
When you run the Edit Sharer it goes into your closet and opens the listing and clicks on the “edit listing” button and then shares the item. It then moves on to the next. This will push your sold listings with the red banner down as well. One issue I continuously ran into however was when this feature was done running it would automatically go to a “Page Not Found” on poshmark instead of returning to my closet. So I had to manually fix this error every time it occurred. Again, issues like these can be very distracting when you’re trying to get work done. Just food for thought… remember the whole point is to have a program that really works for you and does not take away from your other daily duties and take away your time. It should almost feel like you have another person working for you that you know you can trust to keep running your business, even if you leave your office or home.

Auto Follower

This is the next feature on the control panel. This bot will follow anyone who’s following a target closet you manually enter in on your computer and if you’d prefer you can follow the users who the target closet is following instead. Using this feature is simple enough. It will automatically stop once it’s finished following everyone you weren’t already following from the target closets following or followers list.
Just a note on this, if you over run a bot like this, it can also raise a red flag to Poshmark. So when using any bot software just be mindful of how long you opt to run a follow bot for.

Feed Follower

The Feed Follower is the next bot on the control panel. It, just as the previous bot, follows other Poshmark users. The difference is that instead of going to a specific members profile on Poshmark you would go to the feed or a party then you would refresh the page and scroll down on that specific page, the further down you scroll the more users it will follow. However, what this bot does is physically opens the users closet, follows it unless you’re already following it, then loads the next one. The problem is the next one could be from another listing of the person you just followed. The issue here is that when this bot is going through, let’s say 48 listings on the news feed that were just shared, odds are numerous listings came from the same user. This bot will keep opening the same profile and checking to see if you’re following them. It’s counterproductive and time waiting because it really should just skip over already followed profiles instead of continuously opening them. In my first run using this bot I counted it checking the same closet 6 out of 48 times and there were other closets as well it checked multiple times. I only ended up following 16 new users out of 48 ultimately and it took longer than it should have due to it constantly opening the same user profiles to check and see if I was following them.


This feature is pretty simple and easy to use. It’s a basic comment bot. You type in the comment that you want to leave, such as “Welcome to Posh” and then there is actually a button on the control panel that automatically brings you directly to the “meet the posher” page on Poshmark. You type in the amount of comments you’d like to leave and hit start. You do have to watch the computer though, otherwise you will not know when it has finished.

Activity Returner

The Activity Returner bot is a basic return bot. You manually go to your personal news feed on your computer where you’ll see all the shares, follows and likes. If you scroll down it continues to load more & more of the shares, follows and likes you’ve received. Once you have scrolled down your news feed to as far back as you’d like to return share you go to your control panel and click on the start button. Then this bot will return share, return follow and it will share one item per each like as well.

Customer Service

The customer serves was ok. I sent an email with a question and was responded to the same day. I do prefer having phone contact as an option but most companies don’t offer that, only a select few do.

Side Notes

Captcha’s have been a problem on Poshmark now for the last year and a half to two years now, even if you do not use bots, you can still get them. In my time testing out this software I got stuck with numerous captchas however I never knew I had them because every single time i was not sitting in front of my computer. This is a huge problem for me and I don’t have the time to sit in front of my computer to watch for captchas and manually do things to get my bots running or performing different functions.

In Conclusion

Although this software program can perform basic tasks it doesn’t meet the high standards I set for a excellent example of what automation should do for you. Just the fact that you have to manually do certain tasks to run the programs and watch each one to see when they finish and try to pay attention for captchas is too much for me. It is important to have a program that will act as your assistant, as I stated earlier, that basically acts as human you can trust to take over while you leave the office or your home. A program that can handle multiple tasks at one time, which is another thing this program cannot do.

Although the price point may sound appealing you ultimately get what you pay for. I think sometimes you have to remember to build a successful business on Poshmark investing in automation software that’s truly the cream of the crop is most important. I also have noticed in my experience that many new bot companies offer very low prices to attract customers but they truly do not know how to keep up with the enormous amount of work it takes to put into the software and to continuously keep it updated and more importantly continue to stay on top of all the changes, algorithms, coding & so on that Poshmark implements consistently. It’s a very time consuming job and from what I have learned you really need a staff of computer geniuses building and running an automation software that will continue to grow with Poshmark. Smaller bot companies, well, to date I have yet to see it happen, have not been able to keep up and ultimately their software will not work properly or it will have other constant problems. I’m not saying this software it terrible because it’s not. If you only wish to do this as a small hobby a few hours a week and you are only looking to earn a few extra dollars a month to shop on Poshmark or pay your phone bill, this might work for you… but bare in mind you also must be free to monitor your computer while running this software and to run the software in general as well. If you are really looking to make good money on Poshmark, whether you’re running a legal business and buying real wholesale or running a 2nd hand and/or consignment type business then this is not a program I can wholeheartedly recommend. At the end of the day, you will require a stronger automation program.

If I had to rate this automation software on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best I would give this software a 3. I received a lot of captchas and it has a long way to go to really meet the criteria of what is looked for and needed in bots that truly offer the best of the best.


Closet Tools

Purchase Process

The purchase process of this bot automation program was simple enough. As with other programs I have written on, I won’t spend a lot of time on it because it’s pretty basic info. I went to the Closet Tool website and was automatically brought to the main page where you sign up, create an account & then add in your payment information. You do receive a 7 day free trial however you must give your payment info before receiving this free trial. If you opt to not keep the program you must cancel before the 7 day period ends or you will be charged the fee for the program. The cost is $30 per month or $250 per year.

Downloading & Set Up

After having reviewed many automation programs I’ve had some I was able to download & install myself without a problem and others I’d need help with. Unfortunately Closet Tools was confusing enough for me that I needed help and had to reach out to my friend, who’s installed other programs for me when I couldn’t, to install this one.

Breakdown of Closet Tools Bot Software

The Control Panel

The control panel for Closet Tools consists of a small blue box on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. This control panel has 5 tabs on it which open it’s own separate window on the control panel:

1. The Key Tab

This tab shows you in a outlined box your user name, subscription information (plan type chosen), billing date & time, your credit card info (last 4 digits & expiration date only).

Underneath the above mentioned info is another box the names of the other 4 tabs & their associated pictures you click on so you know what the tab is for. For example the key tab shows the key emoji. The last 2 boxes are to end your subscription and to change your plan.

2. The Sharing & Following Tab

This tab is split into multiple sections with “Sharing” at the top as the first section. Here you will see two options to choose from: “Share to followers” & underneath that “Share to party”. These are simple enough in that they mostly do exactly what they’re labeled as (I’ll explain why I said “mostly” momentarily). You can share your items to your followers anytime or into an evening party easily. However, the morning and daytime parties that are theme specific, the share to party bot will try to share your items that can’t be shared and the share will be unsuccessful. That right there screams “Bot!”. That is totally unacceptable. Do not use that option.

The second section is labeled as “Following” with the 2 options to “follow closets” or “unfollow closets”. The follow bot will start following closets for you if selected. The unfollow closets option will unfollow the people you are following. You must manually go to your list of people you follow and turn on the unfollow closets option. This option was explored when I tested out another bot company. I still feel what I stated then about this feature is relevant and true today…

“This bot’s only purpose is to go into your closet and start unfollowing the people you are currently following. Some sellers prefer to have a smaller list of people they follow. Some sellers have unfollowed everyone and either keep it that way or will only continue to follow certain people (their friends, people they know are active on Poshmark and will return share their items and so on).

After testing this bot out, it ran fine, but the important question to ask here is this: Is it a major necessity? The answer: No, it’s not. It’s not going to make you sales or money. And what do you do it you follow someone you just unfollowed? That screams “Bots!”

The third section is outlined in a box showing your amount of shares within the last 24 hours, the amount of closets followed & the amount of closets unfollowed.

The forth section gives you 5 options to select from for how fast or slow you’d like your bots to run. The options are:

* Custom
* Sloth
* Slow
* Medium
* Fast

I’d like to add here that if you select custom there’s nothing on this specific tab to select the speed you’d like to input your bots to share at. You have to go to yet another tab to set your personal speed specifications.

Furthermore I want to point out something I said in a review some time back for another bot company that offered the option to customize your bots speed…

“I want to touch base on the feature offered where you enter the minimum and maximum wait time in between shares. This feature can help lessen the possibility of receiving a captcha, but make no mistake you’re still going to get them. It’s just part of ‘posh life’ now. The only reason I feel it could potentially lessen the captchas is because you can set the minimum and maximum wait time in between shares to share between every 1 and 10 seconds or 16 and 33 seconds (in reality a 10 second gap is actually pretty slow. When manually sharing, you can share multiple listings within ten seconds). What you set them to will most likely change throughout the day as well, which helps your sharing patterns look more human like. The down side to dealing with this is, you have to really think about what to choose. If you’re going out for an hour and can’t bring your computer with you, then you have to start figuring out, by trial and error, what the best times would be to lessen the possibility of captchas. It’s just a bit of extra work trying to figure out these things. Although, it has potential to be a handy feature, it’d be nice not to have to worry about that…”

The fifth section gives you three options on how these bots will share the items you opt to share (your closets items, feed, parties). They offer to share from the bottom of the page up, from the top down, or randomly. This is simple enough, but I did run into a rather annoying issues with sharing in general regardless of which option you select. I will discuss this further later on.

The sixth and final section of this window on the control panel has 2 options: “continuous” and “captcha alarm”. Continuous is selected if you’d like the bots to continue to share your closet and not stop at all (I tried selecting continuous for the feed and party and it did not work there). For example if you opt to share your entire closet, it will just continuously share it over & over again non stop. I feel this option makes you look more like a bot and less like a human. With that said Closet Tools does offer a manual entry “continuous delay” but this is not located on the same tab as the tab I’m currently on with the “continuous” option. So, this can get to be confusing and also a little frustrating (and even a tad annoying) because you have to go to a different tab/window, try to figure out how much time you’d like between each round of (for example) sharing your whole closet. Just like guessing how much time between shares you can now guess a time between each round of a share loop, but I digress because I’m not technically on that tab from the control panel yet!

The captcha alarm is simply a noise the program will have your computer make when you have a captcha. So as long as you are in ear shot of your computer I suppose that may work for you. This feature did not work for me. I actually never heard the alarm unless I was in front of or very close to my laptop. I have kids & pets & there is noise in my house. I can’t constantly be stressed about captchas and the alarm that I may not hear.

3. The Organize & Edit + Share Tab

This tab has 3 options on it. This first one is the “Edit & Share Items”, the second is the “Enable Organizer” and the third “Auto Scroll Page”.

This part of the control panel is pretty easy. The first option to edit and share goes through your closet and updates your listings. So instead of sharing by using the share option it’s as if you were going in and opening the listing then sharing it which shows it as updated instead of only just shared.

The enable organizer option is the one feature on this automation program that I love. This feature allows you to easily rearrange your closet. Once you click on the enable organizer every available listing in your closet has a purple lining around it. Then you take the mouse and drag the listing to the place you want it in your closet. Being able to arrange your closet this way makes it so much easier because you can see what you are doing. It is a lot harder to arrange your closet on posh by sharing items and not being able to see without refreshing it constantly. So this feature I find very useful.

The last option is the auto scroll page option. Here is what I learned the hard way and this is where I explain the issue I ran into that I said I’d get into further into this article… In order for the share bot to share your entire closet you have to manually scroll yourself all the way down on your computer to the bottom of your listings to load all your listings and also selecting to show only your available listings. After you have scrolled all the way to the bottom, will the share bot be able to share your entire closet. If you don’t do this it will only share the first 48 listings. If you have it on a repetitive cycle of sharing and have not scrolled to the bottom then it will just keep sharing the top 48 items.

The other problem I noticed is when you go to share from the feed or parties. It will not share in a loop in the feed or parties. You have to manually scroll down yourself and load as much as you can or it will only share a handful of items. You have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and keep going…. then you can share and should be able to load a decent amount of listings for the share bot to share. But you have to do it yourself. It is not automated. Therefore it is of no use.

4. The Options Tab

This window on the control panel, once selecting this tab, has multiple options on it including where you need to go if you want to customize the speed the share bot runs. Here is a breakdown of this tab:

* Available Items Only
* Scroll To Load Items (Your Closet)
* Solve Captchas (you must enter a specific product key for use of this feature)
* Daily Sharing Limit
* Custom Speed
* Continuous Delay
* Continuous Loop Limit

The first option is selected to show only the available items in your closet. You just go to your closet, select this option and it will only load the available items. Any sold or unavailable items will not appear on the screen. This feature is used for sharing and for arranging your closet (if you choose to use it).

The scroll to load items option when selected will go in and scroll down the items in your closet so more than the top 48 items load. It seemed to only work for me when I was in my own closet or someone else’s closet. It did not work for me when trying to load items in the feed or parties to share. I had to constantly go in and manually load items for the share bot in those cases or you’ll find it will share anywhere from as little to one item only (this happened to me in the feed) to around 12 or so. This was at least my experience when trying this out. I found it rather tedious to have to keep going back to the laptop and scrolling to load more and more items, refreshing the page repeatedly and then scrolling down as much as I could to share more items. When using automation I think the less manual work you have to do to run your closet(s) the better. This was a huge annoyance to me. I don’t have time to run to my laptop every few minutes to keep refreshing and scrolling to load items for the bots to work properly.

The third option is to solve captchas. This is misleading – it does not solve captchas. Instead, you have to purchase and install other software from a separate company. Then in this panel you enter your purchase key.

The daily sharing limit option is where you must enter how many items within in a 24 hour period total you’d like to share items. This total includes everything from your closet, the feed, parties and if you manually go to someone else’s closet to share their items as well. The program had automatically put 4,000 shares per 24 hours upon upload. You have the ability to change this number to whatever you want it to be. My first day using this program I hit 4,000 shares well before the 24 hour time period was up. The problem I have with this is that I feel as a consumer who is looking to use automation to the best of their ability things like trying to figure out a share limit or as I previously mentioned trying to figure out timing between shares or between share loops, these are things I don’t want to have to worry about. It should be already part of the automation program.

The next two options are the custom speed and custom delay. I’m explaining these together because although they are for different things they do the same thing. With each option you can enter a minimum amount of time, for example 3 seconds for sharing items & 15 seconds for the minimum amount of time between a share loop. Then you must enter the maximum amount of time between the shares and the share loop, for example I may enter 10 seconds for the maximum time between shares and 60 seconds between a share loop. The program takes the times you input for each of these and randomly changes the time between each share or share loop that are no less than your minimum and no greater than your maximum times you’ve input. This does help the sharing patterns appear more human like, but as I’ve already stated, I don’t feel this is something we should even have to think about. It should, in my opinion, already be built into the program so you don’t have to worry about it. The bottom line is that better programs have this already figured out for you.

The last option on this window of the control panel is the continuous loop limit option. This is where you can enter how many times you’d like this program to share your closet. So once you’ve loaded your entire closet you can leave it set to 0 (which means it will only share it once) or enter 2 or more and it will share your closet X amount of times in a row.

5. Closet Tools Information Tab

This fifth and final window is where you may submit a bug or feedback and troubleshoot an issue.

Customer Service

I emailed customer service with a couple simple questions and received a reply the next day. Not terrible response time, but I’ve had companies reply within minutes as well. So, although it’s not a bad response time it’s not the best I’ve received. Also I’d like to add here that they were very quick to email me twice two hours apart when they realized I was not intending to renew after the free trial.

Side Notes

I want to be sure I note here that this program does offer the option to run its program on your cellphone or iPad. However, just to install it on your phone you must go through a 21 step process. While reviewing this process I found it to extremely confusing and an awful lot of steps for a program that will not run at its own full capacity if you dare use your phone or iPad to do anything else. Send a text message – bots won’t work, they stop. Want to make a phone call, hop on an app, take a photo or have your screen on a lock timer… well, you can’t do that either or your bots will not work. This was a huge negative in my book. Closet Tools just isn’t there.

In Conclusion

If I were to rate Closet Tools on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best score you can receive I’d rate them a 3, and only because of their option to rearrange your closet. That option is excellent. Otherwise this program seems pretty dated to me. They don’t offer as many features as other companies do. They don’t allow you to run more than one bot at a time. And finally, I received more captchas using this program than any other programs. I received a lot of captchas no matter what delay setting I chose. Thus making the bots of no use.


Closet Pilot

Purchase Process

The purchase process for this bot program was simple enough and similar to many of the other bot programs. This program offers a 7 day free trial. The monthly price is $30.

The purchase process requires entering your credit card payment information and installing the program, not much different than the prior program that I reviewed Closet Tools.

Downloading & Set Up

After having reviewed many automation programs I’ve had some I was able to download & install myself without a problem and others I’d need help with. Unfortunately Closet Pilot was confusing enough for me that I needed help and had to reach out to my friend, who’s installed other programs for me when I couldn’t, to install this one.

Breakdown of Closet Pilot Bot Software

The Control Panel

The control panel for Closet Pilot consists of a small box or window on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. This control panel has 5 tabs on it which open its own separate window on the control panel:

The Share Options Tab

The share options tab is a very basic set up. The first option on this tab is “Share to followers”, underneath that option is the “Share to party” option. The next two options you’ll see are the “Follow People” & “Unfollow People” options. Lastly, underneath those at the bottom of this tab is the options to choose from for how slow to fast you’d like your bots to share. The options are nearly identical to my recent review or Closet Tools & are as follows: “sloth”, “slow”, “medium”, “fast”. Underneath these speed options there’s the option to turn on the continuous option, meaning you can have the bot repeat the same action after it’s finished, such as sharing your closet over & over again until you turn off the continuous option. The last option is the “captcha alarm”. This option is already preset to on for you & just has your computer make a noise to alert you when you receive a captcha.

The “Share To Followers” options works when sharing items out of your closet to the feed. It also can be used to share other people’s closets & share out of the main Poshmark feed.

The “Share To Party” option only does the following actions. It shares items out of your closet into active parties. It will, just like the Closet Tools program I just reviewed, attempt to share items that are non party specific during the specifically themed morning, afternoon & midday parties. The program will then realize it cannot be shared to the party & move on to the next item and try to share that into the party. The Share to party bot will also share items from another closet you choose. And lastly it will share items from the Poshmark feed into the parties. The evening parties, all items can be shared, just like with any program or manual sharing.

The next two options on this tab are located side by side and are the “follow people” and “unfollow people” options.

To use the Follow People option you would manually go to another person’s closet & click on their list of followers & run this bot option, which will start clicking the follow option next to each user name.

The Unfollow People option is used by manually going to your closet, selecting the list of people you are following, click on “unfollow people” & it will unfollow the people/closets you follow currently.

I have been pretty vocal about my feelings regarding unfollowing. When you view your following list, you see the most recent 1,000 people you have followed. If you unfollow them, you have just unfollowed active people that you recently followed. When you go to follow people, you follow those same people again. Then unfollow them. Then follow them. It is a waste of time and resources.

Unfollow bots are just “filler bots”. Filler bots make it look like the company has more options and does more for you, when in reality it’s just a trick.

The next options on this tab are to select at what speed you’d like the bots to share for you at. The options are as follows:


Also, in this section is the “continuous” option which if selected means your bots will just keep sharing the same items over & over & over until you manually turn this option off. This is followed by the “captcha alarm” which makes a ding noise when you receive a captcha, unless you turn it off.

No matter what speed I selected, I got a lot of captchas using Closet Pilot. Maybe one captcha every 100 shares or so. Even on sloth mode.

Other Options Tab

This is the 2nd tab in the control panel window. It has 4 options available on it as follows: “Edit & Share Items”, “Enable Closet Organizer”, “Auto-load Items” & “Return Follows”.

This part of the control panel is pretty easy. The first option to edit and share goes through your closet and updates your listings. So instead of sharing by using the share option it’s as if you were going in and opening the listing then sharing it which shows it as updated instead of only just shared.

The enable organizer option is really the one feature on this automation program that stands out to me. I like this option. This feature allows you to easily rearrange your closet. Once you click on the enable organizer every available listing in your closet has a colored lining around it. Then you take the mouse and drag the listing to the place you want it in your closet. Being able to arrange your closet this way makes it so much easier because you can see what you are doing. It is a lot harder to arrange your closet on posh by sharing items and not being able to see without refreshing it constantly. So this feature I find actually really useful, especially when you have a larger closet. This is definitely the best feature on this program by far!

The next option is the “auto-load items” option. Here is what I learned the hard way when reviewing Closet Tools & this program, Closet Pilot, is no different. In order for the share bot to share your entire closet (or someone else’s) you have to first manually select the option in your closet on Poshmark to show only the available listings. The next step is to load all the available listings by scrolling all the way down on your computer to the bottom of your closets listings. After you have scrolled all the way to the bottom the share bot will share your entire closet. If you don’t do this it will only share around the first 48 listings. If you have it on a repetitive cycle of sharing and have not scrolled to the bottom then it will just keep sharing the top 48 items. The “auto-load” option will load all the items for you so you don’t have to manually do it. The problem with this feature is it shouldn’t be something you need to deal with or have to think about. Now, granted, Closet Pilot does have yet another option in a different tab on the control panel you can go to & click on that keeps it so your closet will automatically always auto-load items. That’s okay and all, but a good automation program will not make you have to remember to go in and auto-load your closet or make you go to different tabs on a control panel to turn on and off auto-load. You should be able to just share your closet & know the available items have loaded without having to take extra steps.

The last option on this tab in the control panel window is the “Return Follows” option. This one is self explanatory. It simply just return follows people who followed you.


The settings tab is where you will find 4 separate available options you can opt to use which are as follows:

Show Available Items Only – if you select this option it will automatically only show available items instead of manually selecting it in your Poshmark closet.
Always Auto-Load Available Items in Closets – as previously mentioned this option will make it so items are automatically loaded & you don’t have to either keep selecting the individual auto-load option on the previous tab or manually do it yourself.
Automatically Solve Captchas – This is misleading. This panel does not automatically solve captchas. You actually have to buy a separate captcha solver program and install it on your computer. This panel is just where you would type in the product key of whatever program you bought.
Daily Share Limit – this program automatically has 4,000 preset here, but you can change it to whatever you’d like. Once that limit is hit the bot program will stop all sharing. You can change the number and restart it.

Information Tab

The Information tab is where you can go for documentation & troubleshooting information. They also left the company email to contact them if you have a question or concern.

Welcome Tab

This tab on the control panel window just tells you what each tab is:

Repeating Actions
Single Action
Minimize (the 6th tab is to minimize the control panel window).

Underneath this list you can sign out of your account or end your subscription.

Customer Service

I emailed the company on my 2nd day of the free trial and had not received a reply by the end date of the 7 free days. I feel it’s important to be able to communicate with the company who creates the bots. There should be an open line of communication if any issues should arise or if you have any questions or concerns.

Side Notes

Just as I stated in my Closet Tools review, Closet Pilot just isn’t there. They’re not modern enough. They lack the power to run a strong program. This may also have to do with how much the developer knows about creating programs as well, but regardless Closet Pilot lacks in many areas.

In Conclusion

If I were to rate Closet Pilot on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best score you can receive I’d rate them either a 2 or 3. The only feature I like is that they offer a way to arrange your closet that’s a little easier than doing it directly on Poshmark or the Poshmark app.

The reason I can’t decide between a 2 or a 3 is because I highly suspect that either Closet Pilot completely copied the Closet Tools program or it could be the other way around. (I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same person behind both programs. I could be wrong, but these two programs are nearly identical. There are only very minor differences).

Closet Pilot boasts on their website after testing out other programs (they listed the 3 others they tested) that Closet Pilot is the “best bot program available” based on their testing, it’s also the “easiest to use” and “gets you the most sales”. I suggest you take that with a grain of salt. The person who runs & owns the Closet Pilot program is also writing the blog on their own site. So I’m not sure that’s an honest & unbiased viewpoint. They want you to buy their program. Well, from my experience of testing many bot programs this program was simplistic at best, lacks in many areas – especially with keeping up with modern automation & what it can truly do. You can only run ONE bot at a time. You have to deal with petty things like how fast or slow to run the bots to remembering to auto-load your closet or which auto-load to use. The list could go on!

My last issue with Closet Pilot is that I kept receiving captchas. I got a lot of captchas. So I had to literally sit in front of it.



Purchase Process

The purchase process for PoshShareBot was very different than the other companies. Their website does not have a purchase button. They offer a free one-week trial and they ask you to send them an email. The purchase process will be described later in this review.

Downloading and Setup

Their website said they offer a free one-week trial of the bots, so I sent them an email saying I’d like to try their free one-week trial. About an hour later I received an email offering the free one-week trial and asking for my closet name and phone number. I replied with that. Then they emailed me and offered to set up my bots for me and asked when was a good time for me to speak on the phone. I replied with a time. When that time arrived, they texted me and asked if they could call. I agreed and they called me. The man on the phone explained the process and answered my questions. He said he needed me to download a program called TeamViewer. (This is contradictory to their website when they say no software has to be installed.) I downloaded and installed TeamViewer. It’s free if used for just personal use. TeamViewer is used for remote technical support. You give Tech Support your TeamViewer ID number and temporary password and then Tech Support can log into your computer and take over. (They cannot get in later because the temporary password changes.) He logged into my computer and he took over. He installed an extension into my web browser. That was all that had to be installed. Then he showed me how to run the bots. First he brought up my control panel in a browser window. I logged into it with my email address and a password that he had set up for me. I’ll describe the control panel below. Then he showed me how to bring up the bots. I will also describe them below.

So set up was more than just simple. I can’t stress the amount of relief this brought me after all the other experiences I had setting up the other programs. I really didn’t have to do anything to set them up!

Another important thing I’d like to add is that the customer service with this company is sheer perfection. They told me to text them any time I have a problem. I really didn’t need any help except a couple questions here and there during my first week, and they texted me right back and answered my questions. They are quick to respond and will go out of their way to ensure you’re happy with everything.

Breakdown of PoshShareBot Software

Control Panel Overview

This Control Panel is by far the easiest, most streamlined control panel I’ve come across. It’s one window on your computer, which I might add does not have the bottom half attached to a browser window to open Poshmark in where you’d only see 25% of the Poshmark site thus not really being able to see what’s going on! It’s one window all to itself. (The control panel looks nothing like the picture on their website. It’s much more streamlined than in the picture.) In that window is the name of each bot offered and a simple on/off switch. Can’t get any more simple that that! I will discuss the very best feature of the control panel later in this review.

Closet Bot

With PoshShareBot, a separate browser window is brought up for each of the bots. For the closet bot, you bring up a browser window and log into Poshmark and then click your closet name to bring up your closet. You only have to log into Poshmark once. It doesn’t keep logging you out like the other bot companies do.

It has a closet Organizer. When your closet is displayed, PoshShareBot allows you to drag-and-drop items around in your closet. I love this feature. I can easily get my closet in the order I want it.

The first bot on your Control Panel is the closet bot. Here’s how simple this is, as with the following bots on the Control Panel I’ll review… When you decide to share your own items you click on the words closet bot and the Control Panel opens to the closet bot’s options. You enter how many items you’d like to share from your closet. That number gets stored, you don’t have to enter it again until you want to change it. Then select the back button which brings you back to the main Control Panel and you switch the on button.

The Closet Bot shares your closet in reverse order so that it does not change the order of your closet. It will not share any sold items that have the red Sold banner on them and it will not share any Not For Sale items.

There are also other options that you can select with your closet bot. You can tell it to run multiple cycles of the closet bot. You just enter how many times you’d like it to share your closet.

The closet bot will also share your items into the morning party, mid day party, afternoon party and evening parties! You simply tell it which party to share to and it will go through your closet in reverse order and share appropriate items into the party and any other items to your followers. This keeps your closet in order!

The evening party is always welcome to all items so the closet bot will share your entire closet to the evening party. Simple as that!

News Bot

The news bot requires literally no work on your part, short of turning it on. This bot is what watches your personal news feed for comments, offers and purchases. The news feed will then see you have a, for example, comment and you’ll be notified via TEXT MESSAGE to your cell phone with the comment in it! How perfect is that?! You don’t ever have to worry you’ll miss a comment again, question, offers or anything again! If you think it can’t get better, it does! This bot filters out spam comments. If you receive a host pick generally you receive a ton of comments congratulating you. No one wants 50 text messages with congratulatory messages. It also filters out mass tag comments! PoshShareBot has made it so only the important things are text to you. You will get a text message whenever someone makes an offer or a purchase or adds an item to a bundle, etc. In the control panel you can select which types of text messages you want to get or don’t want to get.

Return Bot

The Return Bot will return share to those who’ve shared your items. It’s simple and also offers you options as well. Just like the previous bot, you click on the words “return bot” on the control panel which opens the options you have for how you’d like to return share. It’s simple and my favorite – involves little work and takes the thinking out of it for you. The options offered are as follows…

  1. Return Share For Likes and Shares – this option is to return back shares, one for one, to those who’ve liked your items or shared them. You can select the maximum amount of shares you wish to return.
  2. Return Follow – this option lets you follow anyone who has followed you, and then can share some of their items. You can choose how many of their items to share.
  3. Share From Listing Likes – in this option you type in the closet name of any competitor closet. It will go to that closet and follow and share everyone who did a “like” on the items in the competitor’s closet. You can choose how many items to share of the people who did a “like”.
  4. Follow From Love Notes List – every day these bots give you a big list of closets that left a love note on Poshmark the day before. This option will follow each of those closets. You can choose how many items to share. This is a huge benefit! These closets are recent happy buyers that leave love notes.
  5. Follow From Closet Love Notes – in this option you type in the closet name of any competitor closet. It will go to that closet and follow and share everyone who left a love note at that competitor’s closet. This is a huge benefit! The closets that left love notes are recent happy buyers. This is how you steal your competitor’s customers!
  6. Follow From Fresh Closets List – every day these bots give you a big list of closets that added their first item to their new closet the day before. It will follow and share each of these new closets. These people are active and are still buyers. Plus, Poshmark loves it when you share new closets.

One important feature about PoshShareBot is that it ONLY shares approved items. It will never share any illegal items. PoshShareBot reads all the words in the titles of every item before it shares it! This is just one of the many things about PoshShareBot that makes it human-like.

I find the Return bot on PoshShareBot to be amazing.

Again, any value you entered into the control panel is stored. You never have to enter it in again, until you want to change it.

Offer to Likers Bot

You tell it the discount and shipping rate you want to offer, and the Offer Bot will go to every listing in your closet that has likers and will send the offer.

Block List

PoshShareBot lets you specify a Block List. You can put any closet name on your Block List and your bots will never share their items. If you have certain closets you rather not share, you just enter their user name and the bots will not share their items! You can type in the closet names of your competitors.

Feed Bot

The feed bot will share items out of your feed. It’s a good way to bring other users to your closet to return the shares. It will only share approved items. It will not share any illegal items. It will not share any sold items. It will not share any items from users on your block list. And it will not share any items that may have come from your closet that someone else had shared into the feed. It automatically refreshes the feed page when it needs to scroll in new items.

Party Bot

The Party Bot is an absolutely impressive feature! This bot allows you to share items out of each party (morning, mid day, afternoon and evening parties). By clicking on the words “party bot” on the control panel, it brings you to the party bot’s options page where you can select which parties you want to share out of. Again, once selected these options will remain this way unless you change them. Then you select from where you’d like to share out of from the parties – main feed, host picks, first look, designer or new with tags. Then when the party starts, you simply turn the bot on.

It will only share approved items. It will not share any illegal items. It will not share any sold items. It will not share any items from users on your block list. And it will not share any items that may have come from your closet that someone else had shared into the party. It automatically refreshes the party showroom when it needs to scroll in new items.

This bot ran without a hitch. It shared people who had never seen me before who are online right now. It brought new people into my closet and helped boost my sales.

Category Bot

You specify which category you want, either Women, Men, Kids, or Home, and the Category Bot will share from that category to your followers. You also have to option to tell it to sort by Just In.

Welcome Bot

You can specify a welcome message and then you can turn on the Welcome Bot and it will go to new closets on Poshmark and leave that welcome message on their Meet the Posher item. It runs automatically, with automatic timing, welcoming a total of about 50 new users who just joined Poshmark today.

I found some extremely important and very impressive features that PoshShareBot offers that no one else does. These following features are truly what, on top of everything else, makes this company unique and stand out and above all other automation companies. I honestly couldn’t find any design flaws with this program! These features however are absolutely impeccable and I’m excited to share them with you!

Total Remote Control

The first important feature I want to touch more upon is: The Control Panel ~ Yes, I know I discussed the Control Panel in quite detail previously, but it gets better! You also get a MOBILE control panel. I know that we are all busy, whether Poshmark is your full or part time job or even a hobby, we all have other things to do and cannot be stuck in front of a computer 24/7. Having a control panel I can use right from my smart phone or tablet is a major bonus. I do not have to lug my laptop on vacation with me or anywhere at all. I control my bots right from my mobile control panel on my cell phone or tablet! I could be in Japan and still run my business without my laptop!

Text Message Alerts

PoshShareBot also has a text message alert feature!! When your closet has a comment, offer, someone makes a purchase OR you receive a captcha you receive a text message straight to your cell phone! If you have multiple closets your texts will even let you know which closet your message or captcha is coming from. They also offer the option to add multiple phone lines that can receive these text messages which is great for those of you who have helpers or employees, such as myself. I have two assistants working in their own homes to help me. They are able to control my bots from their cell phones. They can also receive text messages from my bots when there are any comments on my items, or offers or sales. You can even specify which phones get which text messages. Therefore, thanks to the bots, I have been able to fully delegate my work to other people who work in the comfort of their own home.

PoshShareBot has also resolved the captcha issue by automatically solving the captchas for you! You no longer must be in front of your computer waiting for captchas to pop up. PoshShareBot simply solves the captcha and sends you a text message! Way cool! This truly gives you your life back!

And this company has figured out a way where you can access your own computer right from your mobile devices or tablets if you are away from home. That is where TeamViewer comes in again. In Teamviewer on your computer, you go into settings and you specify a password of your choice that only you know. That will be your own secret password. Then you install TeamViewer for free on your iPhone or Android phone, and you remote into your PC at home (using your secret password) and you can control your computer.

This total remote control of bots is the biggest feature of PoshShareBot. Never again do you have to be in front of your computer. You can completely control them from your phone!

Automatic Governor

Lastly, as I mentioned with my other reviews the other programs make you enter the time you’d like in between shares. It’s not something I cared for. But PoshShareBot has done all the thinking for you and their software automatically sets the wait times between your shares to mimic real live human activity, making their bots very human-like. For example, one share may be 3.14 seconds apart and the next may be 2.71 seconds apart, and the next may be 4.23 seconds apart. Also, because you’re able to run multiple bots at once, their programming has been designed in a way which governs all shares done to prevent the Poshmark Watchdog software on the Poshmark server from putting you in “share jail”. These bots automatically keep you under the radar!

Online Forum

In the control panel (both on phone and on PC) you can go into the online forum. This is a secret online community of all the users of PoshShareBot. Each user is automatically given a random user-number. It is completely anonymous. No names are mentioned. Only user-numbers. It is a treasure chest of tips and tricks about how to be successful on Poshmark. All the users ask questions and answer questions and give advice. Nobody knows who the other people are, but they all talk to each other like they know each other.

Customer Service

As mentioned previously the customer service with PoshShareBot’s was beyond excellent and truly exceeded my expectations. I didn’t need much help because I found this automation software program to be extremely simple and streamlined. However, I did reach out to the company to ask questions and when I did I was always responded to within a very quick and timely manner. They never ignored or missed a single text or email and were always happy to offer their help and support. They seem to be very invested in their company and want to see you succeed. They also do not make automation software for any other website and are solely focused on Poshmark and keeping their software up to date. When Poshmark changes, they change with it.

In Conclusion

I believe this is a no-brainer. Bots free up your time. You no longer have to stare at a computer screen all day long, getting carpal tunnel in your hands and headaches from staring at the screen. Now you can focus on the other important things needed to run your business or even give yourself some free time! Let the bots work for you!!

Automation is an absolute vital resource to create a successful and profitable business on Poshmark. Remember, you have to spend money to make money and with automation/bots you will undoubtedly see results and the small investment will pay itself back and then some, but choosing the right automation program is also key and after experience I truly believe PoshShareBot is the best of the best.

At the end of my free one-week trial, I of course decided to buy the bots. This is simple. I just clicked a paypal button in the control panel. That brought me to the paypal website. I paid there. My bots were good for another month. Nothing else to do. No automatic recurring payments. Just a one-time payment to continue using the bots for another month. After a month I could either not pay, and the bots would stop working, or I could simply press the paypal button again and pay for another month.  Truly no commitment required and there are no recurring fees.

If I were to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d absolutely without a doubt give this company a perfect 10. You can contact them at or send them an email at

If you are serious about creating a successful business this is a must. I can also tell you that the true top sellers on Poshmark, and I’m not talking about everyone who makes one sale and is suddenly a “top ten percent seller”, but the true top sellers pulling in thousands of dollars in sales a week use automation. It’s just vital. I can’t stress this enough.

So, if you have a closet full of items that are just not selling, give the bots a try. I guarantee once you do, you will wonder what you ever did without them.

Success is obtainable. You can create a successful business and a profitable one!