The Most Vital Piece Of The Posh Puzzle…

Thus far I’ve shared with you some very important tips and facts on how to create a successful business on Poshmark. At the end of the day, sharing items, (wether they be yours, others, from parties or into them) is the biggest key.

You may be wondering how to make time for all this sharing and still have time to run a proper business. Let’s face facts, sharing needs to happen consistently throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. If you can’t physically share all day everyday how can you make it work? I suppose you could hire people to share for you. They charge by the hour… How do I know this? Because I’ve paid them by the hour. Of course you’ll pretty much need a minimum of two people for at least 16 hours a day. It’s just costly and ultimately so costly it loses money. So, after A LOT of research I’m going to share with you the most valuable and vital key to a successful business on Poshmark. It’s called automation.

What is automation?

Automation is the technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum.

What does this mean for you?

Automation, or as I call them, bots, are a LIFESAVER! That’s what they are. Bots give you full control to share all morning, afternoon and evening ~ basically whenever you want to share. You can share from the news feed, return shares, share into or out of parties and of course share your own items into the news feed and into parties! The best part is – you only click a button or two and the bots do the sharing for you!

I share this with you because I believe in helping others to find success and keeping bots a secret would be wrong. There’s plenty of buyers in the sea for all of us to become a success!

I’ve researched and tried many methods while building my business on Poshmark. I have personally found that without bots and only manually sharing, I’m lucky to make sales. I’ve spent more money than I care to admit paying humans to share for me as well. It’s NOT effective. Bots work.

Automation: The History, The Drama, The Rumors… Let Me Settle It All Now

Yes bots are a lifesaver, but they’ve come with their fair share of scrutiny as well. I am going to put it all out on the table for you, show all my cards so to speak. Thus, giving you all the perspectives of automation. So here’s what you should know…

• The History – Bots first came to be a few years ago when certain sellers realized that there had to be a better way to share. Let’s face it sitting in front of a screen all day and night is mind numbing and while you’re sharing you’re unable to accomplish everything else that goes into running a successful business. So, automation started with a seller who was looking to improve on her business. Automation was not new in the sense that it was already being used on other sites helping people gain followers, make sales and so on. Sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other popular sites already had members using automation. So, it came to be on Poshmark and was developed to help share items. Over time it grew to be a secret, yet not so secret, society.

• Why “secret society” you ask? Bots/automation is technically against Poshmark’s terms and conditions. I’m being extremely honest with you here, but they also know bots make them money and a lot of it. So, we automation users do not go around on the app telling anyone we use bots. We are quiet about it. Only sharing off posh with trusted friends with whom we feel may benefit from them. The reason I say bots are not so secret is because, just like with anything, people find out and talk anyway…

• The Drama – as bots have grown and the amount of bot users have grown, this has caused some drama among those who don’t have bots, don’t use bots or are just against them because they feel that they can’t compete with the shares of bots. Truth be told, what they don’t understand is bots even help them. Bots share other people’s items from parties, the news feed and return shares. Automation helps them as well, whether they realize it or not. Because some people feel it’s unfair. they wrote Poshmark about it. This happened a year ago. What’s important to understand here is that no one ever bothered bot users before. Because of the handful of people who wrote to Poshmark they had to do something. So, they started using captcha’s. You know those boxes that pop up and ask if you’re human and to pick certain items from pictures or enter the numbers they show you on the screen. Captcha’s happen to those manually sharing on their PC as well. I too have manually shared and gotten them. They can be a tad annoying but they are just part of Poshmark now and they are easily dealt with because we are human and we answer the captcha’s. Bottom line.

• The Rumors – Upon listening to other sellers on Poshmark, I found a lot of rumors spread about bot users and even people who didn’t use them were being accused of using them. Some of the things people would say is bot users take the humanity out of the posh experience. However, I strongly disagree. As I mentioned previously, I am now able to network and connect with other sellers and customers alike more so than ever before and still manually share as well. Yes, Poshmark is unique in that it’s a community and it’s very social. Bots do not take the community or social aspect away. If anything it’s increased it by helping free up our time to enable us to become more social, network and help other Poshers.

The Verdict… As I See It

Now that I have shared the most valuable piece of the puzzle to creating a successful business on Poshmark its up to you to come to your own conclusions about automation. The Verdict for me was simple – BOTS ARE SOMETHING MY BUSINESS CANNOT THRIVE WITHOUT. Take it from me, I’ve been on Poshmark a long time. I’ve tried it all. I’ve researched. I’ve spent tons of money that I didn’t have to spend before I found bots. My business does better with them than without them and yours can too… And that my friends is the bottom line. Automation is the present and the future. You have a choice to make. How far do you want to take your business? Do you want to see your full potential? Do you want to gain financial freedom? Do you want to have a successful business? If you answered yes to these questions then the answer is clear. Automation is the answer.

p.s. People have asked me, “Why not use virtual assistants?” There are virtual assistants in East Asia and the Pacific Islands that offer to share your closet for you for a fee. They all use bots themselves! But they use really cheap bots that are bad. Do not use virtual assistant sharing services. As for bots, I will write a review of all the bot companies.