Poshmark App -vs- Poshmark PC/Web Version

Sharing your closet is vital to having a successful business.

Most Poshers use the Poshmark App on their smart phones and tablets to share their closet due to the convenience of mobility. However, the Poshmark website: www.poshmark.com, accessed from a browser on your PC, has an important strategical advantage.

Save Time Sharing

In order to share your closet using your phone, the app version requires having to click on the listing, opening the listing, waiting for the listing with its pictures to load, scrolling down to the share button (which is in a different place each listing depending on the number of photos and length of description), then clicking the share button, waiting for the share screen to display, clicking where to share, waiting for it to share, then backing out of the share screen, then backing out of the listing, then waiting for your closet to redisplay and scroll again to the listing. This entire process has to be repeated for every item you share.

On the other hand, the PC browser version allows you to share items quickly and easily. With your closet displayed, simply click the share button on a listing, a pop-up with appear, click where to share, the item will share and the pop-up with go away. That’s all. Only 2 clicks. No scrolling. Nothing had to be redisplayed. You can share your entire closet using your PC in only a fraction of the time required using your phone.

The same time savings is true for sharing out of the feed, parties and other closets.

If you haven’t used your PC to share, start doing it now. If you don’t have a PC, but you are serious about your success in Poshmark, get the HP Stream 11 from Amazon for only $200. The right tools are critical in business.

The right tools are critical in business. You have to spend money to make money. However, remember, you must make wise investments. A PC is a very wise investment. Wise investments will contribute to the success of your business which is also an investment in your future.