About Marie

Hi, my name is Marie. I make my living selling fashion on Poshmark. This is my full-time business.

I started selling on Poshmark about three years ago in the evenings. I wasn’t one of the early ones, so I had to gather followers the hard way like everybody else. (I have the carpal tunnel to prove it.) Now I do this full-time. It’s all I do.

I’ve become fairly successful. I’m not rich, but I’m doing what I love and I have freedom, which is priceless. There are other Poshers who sell more, but not as many as you think, and they are falling off.

I’ve seen Poshers come, and I’ve seen them go. A lot of the old original huge closets have gone stale, while a few new closets have flourished. I know what Poshers are doing right, and I know what they are doing wrong. It’s easy to see who they are, just look at the date on their sold items.

So now I coach Poshers on how they can be successful on Poshmark.

My goal with this Poshmark tips blog is to help you. I’m going to give you tips and tricks that you can use right away. Then when you start seeing some success and you get serious about your closet, I am going to offer my personal coaching to you. You can take it or leave it. I know the serious ones will take it.

Poshmark doesn’t allow poshers to sell coaching services, so I have to stay anonymous. I don’t want Poshmark to know who I am. And I don’t want people going to my closet on Poshmark and making comments on my items, which are permanent.

I’m going to be giving you some Poshmark selling tips that Poshmark doesn’t share. I know their secrets, and you need to know them too. I know what it takes to be successful on Poshmark, and you want to know it too.

It took me a lot of work to get to this point. Be prepared to work hard. Your closet is a business. You have to treat it like a business.

When you are serious about your closet, contact me about my coaching services at this address: