The Poshmark Dressing Room

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Poshmark recently integrated a new feature on their website and app called “Dressing Rooms”. So today I’m going to go over how to utilize this new feature from your PC to your advantage, from both the buyer’s perspective and the seller’s perspective.

Remember, it is important to understand how these features work as a buyer, even if you only sell. You should familiarize yourself with the process from your buyer’s point of view to better help them, create an easy shopping experience and land that sale!

Poshmark created the dressing rooms to help buyers and seller’s connect. You can help give style suggestions to perspective buyers, view their “style card” (the style card is a list of brands that someone likes along with more personalized info such as their sizes in various clothing and shoes – more on this feature later), share personally hand selected items directly to another posher/perspective customer, make private offers to your customers and more…

Part One: How to use “Dressing Rooms”

As a Shopper/Customer

When you login to Poshmark from your computer you are immediately brought to The Feed (the place where all shared listings go). In the upper right hand corner of your browser window you will now see a double clothing hanger icon called “Dressing Rooms” (followed by “my likes”, “news” and the icon of your personal profile photo).

Once you click on the the Dressing Rooms icon you will be brought to a new page. This is your “My Dressing Rooms” page.

“For Me” (used as a buyer)

If you select the “For Me” option you will be shown a list with each seller whose items you’ve personally added to a bundle and some (or all if there is only a few) items you added to a bundle from that particular seller’s closet.

You also have the option to view the dressing room you have created from each seller’s closet when browsing, shopping, liking items and adding items to a bundle from another seller’s closet.

Upon viewing the dressing room from a buyer’s perspective you will see two main categories:


If you click on the bundle option the items you have bundled will appear in the bundle tab. It shows you the cover photo of each item, the seller’s asking price and the retail price as well as the size. Just below your bundled items you will find the bundle price, the seller’s discount (if they offer one, most do) and the buy now price. Just below the buy now price you have the option to make an offer or buy now.

The make an offer option is a useful tool that can help you to negotiate a better price on the item or items you wish to purchase. Of course many sellers offer bundle discounts and you may just select that and checkout as well if you’re satisfied with the price point.


If you click on the likes option in your dressing room it will show you all the likes you’ve ever had in the particular seller’s closet you have selected to view. Underneath each photo of the items you’ve liked it shows the listing title, the sale price and retail price, the size and the brand. Under this information the dressing room likes will also tell you if the item is already sold, already in your bundle and lastly gives you the option to add the item to your bundle.

Another feature offered in the dressing room is the “Share To Me” feature. When you select this option you are requesting a particular seller to share their items to you personally. In other words you are requesting them to select pieces from their closet they think you’d like. The seller is acting as your personal stylist so to speak.

As a buyer, the dressing room feature is a very helpful tool to help keep your likes organized, your potential purchases organized, as well as helping you potentially make private deals on items or bundles you’ve had your eye on. Not to mention you can get help finding pieces you may have overlooked, especially in very large closets by using the share to me feature. It’s also a good way to bookmark your favorite closets!

Lastly, as previously mentioned, it’s important to know how this feature works as a buyer, even if you only sell so you are familiar with your customer’s experience as a buyer. Also, new people and potential customers join poshmark everyday. You should know how to use this tool to help them learn. It could ultimately lead you to a sale! That’s not something you want to miss out on!

Part Two: How to use “Dressing Rooms”

As a Seller

As I previously explained, when logging into poshmark you are immediately brought to the feed page. In the upper right corner you will find the double hanger icon for the Dressing Rooms. Once you’ve clicked on the icon you are, just as before, brought to “My Dressing Rooms” page. However as a seller this time you use the dressing rooms a little differently.

“By Me” (used as a seller)

Your Dressing Room “By Me” page is set up in a similar fashion to that of your “For Me” dressing room. Once you click on the “By Me” option in your dressing room you will brought to a page with a list of potential customers and/or current and past customers who have either added some of your items to a bundle or have liked some of your items.

There is also a filter option on the upper right side which will give you the option to filter by people who’ve liked your items, people who have added your items to a bundle and lastly to view share requests (people who have requested you to share your items to them).

Helpful Hint: Check the “share requests” option at least once a day to ensure you haven’t missed anyone who’s asked you to share your items to them personally. This could be the makings of a potential sale! You also don’t want a potential customer to think you’ve ignored their request.

Once you select “view dressing room” of a potential customer/posher who has liked or bundled your items, you are brought to their dressing room of bundled and/or liked items from your closet. There you will also find another feature at the bottom of the page where you can view this individual’s “Style Card”. Selecting this option will give you more insight into this individual’s personal sizes in dresses, jeans, pants, shoes and sweaters, as well as their previous purchase history with you, if any, along with Love Notes they’ve left for other sellers and brands they follow. You are also able to click on the “More About @posh_user_name_here” and this will direct you to their closet. This feature gives you access to do some research on your potential customers.

The “By Me” Dressing Room feature can give you great insight into your potential customers. You can learn about the type of clothing they like and by reading love notes you can get a sense of what type of customer they are. Did they leave all great reviews from past purchases OR did they leave 5 stars but complain about their purchase(s) in the love notes? Knowing about your customers and potential customers is important. It will help give them and you a good experience and overall transaction.

Another way to use the Dressing Room to your advantage as a seller is that you are able to view what items seem to be most popular and trending in your closet. Go through the lists of people who have liked or bundled your items. If you notice a trend with certain items because a lot of people have liked and/or bundled them, you may want to consider a price drop to notify everyone it’s still available and on sale!

Ss you continue to use the Dressing Room to spot trends in your closet, you will start to learn what items you may want to invest more in and list more of going forward. Of course you will also want to look over your actual sales as well but having this tool helps give you more important data about your inventory AND your clientele.

You also have the ability to go through all the potential buyers who have created bundles in your closet. I also recommend utilizing the “make an offer” feature and reach out to these customers by offering special discounts to them. You never know how many sales this can lead to.

The bottom line is the dressing room feature can really work in your favor if you take the time to use it. Study the clientele you attract. Study the trends in your closet. Utilize the key features to drive sales such as making offers. Share items to your potential customers who request it.

Helpful Hint: DO NOT just share random items to someone. When someone requests shares from you they are looking for a personal stylist. Take a minute to get to know them. DO view their style card. DO take note of what size they wear (for example: you don’t want to share all size medium items to someone who’s an extra small). DO look at the brands they follow. If they follow ADIDAS and you sell ADIDAS or other similar style clothing in their size then share it to them. DO take the time to reach out to them and let them know you have received their request and ask them if they’d like to share anymore information such as: what colors they like and/or dislike, are they looking for anything in particular and so on. You have to make the effort but it’s worth it.

On a side note, you can access the dressing room feature no matter where on the website you may be. It is a permanent icon on the top right corner of your browser window. I referred to the feed page because once you login that is where you’re first directed to.

Lastly, this feature is also available on the Poshmark app. However, I highly recommend using it from your PC because it’s much easier to navigate and much more user friendly.

Until next time…