The Importance Of Showrooms

People buy out of the showrooms. Period. This is especially true for the many newbie buyers who sign up for Poshmark everyday. The first place they shop is in the showrooms.

You will want to have your items appear in the showrooms everyday. Here’s how…

1. First thing every morning, go to the featured showrooms of the day. There are on average about 20 to 24 featured showrooms. The showrooms change daily. Not all of your items will apply to one of the showrooms. Find the showrooms that do apply to the items you have. For example if there is a “Black Maxi Dresses” showroom and you have a black maxi dress (or even a maxi dress that has some black on it) you want to get it into the showroom!

2. To ensure your item appears in the showroom it is vital your listing contains the words that match the showroom. In our example of the “Black Maxi Dresses” showroom, you will want to have “black maxi dress” in the description and/or title. You may need to update your listings in the morning to ensure they appear in the showroom you want them to be in. Key words are critical.

To further insure your item appears in the showroom, you can also edit your listing. Go to the colors and select the black colored circle and then select maxi under the dresses category..

3. Now that you have updated your listing so it meets the showroom criteria, you want it to be featured at the top of the showrooms shopping grid so it’s one of the first items seen by potential buyers! How do you do that? SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Every time you share these items they move back up to the top of the shopping grid in the showroom. Now your item(s) will be at the top so keep sharing your items as often as possible to keep them at the top.

You will generate sales by having your items appear in the showrooms. Be consistent in doing this daily and you will see results.