Share Jail

The Poshmark server has “watchdog software” that protects the Poshmark server from over usage. If a closet shares more than a certain number of shares per a certain time period, the PM server will ignore any further shares. That is “share jail”, or “being blocked”.

The “certain number of shares” is a few hundred shares per hour. That is during the day. At night the watchdog software is more strict, and the number of shares allowed is less. These are rough numbers, it’s hard to know the true value. And “per hour” is just an estimate at how often Poshmark counts shares. The watchdog software may be more complex, taking into consideration the number of shares made in the last 12 hours or so.

Share jail duration is a function of the severity of the infraction. It could be anywhere from minutes to hours. Share jail always ends at the top of the hour.

If you are in share jail, and you try to share on your iPhone app or iPad app, you will receive an error message, “Error. Try again later”.


But on the PC browser version, you will receive the message, “Shared successfully!”. The PC browser version does not give an error message, so the only way to know if you’re blocked is to regularly check the “Updated” time on your closet items.

The same applies to liking and commenting. All of these activities are considered in the watchdog software.

You will be able to post new items and edit items while you are in share jail. Poshmark allows that.

Share jail happens to Poshers who have their family and friends helping them share. All that sharing happening at one time will cause that closet to get blocked for a period of time.