Cover Shots

Get the clothes off the floor and off the bed. Those flat lay cover shots do NOT sell clothes. Period. Same for being on hangers.

If you want to be successful on Poshmark you have to think in a professional manner. The first and foremost important aspect of a Poshmark closet is that it MUST HAVE eye appealing cover shots.

At a minimum, get a mannequin. They are easy to obtain at affordable prices on eBay, Amazon, etc.

Good lighting is crucial. Natural daylight will work. Experiment with different places in your home that have the best lighting; for example, near a full length window where natural light comes in. Place your clothes on the mannequin in these places and watch to see what time of day the garment looks best. Then plan your photo shoots at that time of the day. Have the background be solid white or a solid light color.

Stock Photos

If you buy wholesale, you can use stock photos from the vendors you purchased your goods from. However, all the other competition closets are using the same stock photos. Remember that unique, different and clear concise photos is what sells clothes.


The best thing for your cover shots is having your own model. It sets your closet apart from all the thousands of other closets. Think of who you know locally that can model clothes for you. Your model must be able to pose like a pro.

If shooting indoors, follow the same advice given above. For shooting outdoors, street style photos are good, but select the background carefully; do not let the background clutter your photo or drown out the garment.

Some closet owners take photos of themselves wearing the garments. Few of them do it well. These two closet owners do it well, and they sell a lot: @scanon and @missaisha555

Some take selfies with their phone in a mirror. Very few of them do it well. These two closet owners do it well, and they sell a lot: @itselaine and @11thstreet

Crop the photo correctly. A common mistake is leaving too much blank space around the subject.

Cover Shots For Resale Brand Name Items

This can get a little more challenging as some retail brands don’t allow their stock photos to be used online in other platforms. However, some do as long as they are not images of their current year collection. You should email the brands you have to resell and ask their permission before using their images.

Styling And Accessorizing

If done well, styling and accessorizing your cover shots can make a big difference. Include items that naturally go with the garment. Look for ideas and inspirations on Instagram, Pinterest and Google images.